Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig wasn’t in the starting lineup this afternoon and set off a media blaze after it was suggested that he should be benched for his base running and defensive plays.

Manager Don Mattingly said that he planned to keep Puig out of the lineup as he’s been in a 3-22 slump and has run into several outs. However, according to Tony Jackson of, he was also fined by Mattingly for arriving late to the park:

It’s unfortunate that this will become a national story as Puig wasn’t benched, but there’s no excuse for arriving late to the ballpark. While he’s been a huge spark plug and a main reason for the Dodgers turnaround, Puig does need to mature.

Puig won’t speak pregame, but will after and it’ll be interesting to see what his thoughts are on not playing tonight and subsequent fine. Expect to see him either pinch hit or run as the Dodgers look to snap a two-game losing streak.

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  1. Elena Magat

    Let’s all be civil. There is traffic in Miami, and it should not be reason to bench a good, dynamic young star of baseball. A talk, and warning, should have done the job. Don Mattingly, with all due respect, he is not a child, but he certainly is new to us all. Let’s give people a chance. Elena Magat


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