Most of us have made terrible car choices. We’ve wanted to buy a car that we thought would fit our needs, and also would look good, so we went ahead and did it without thinking.

In the case of Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig, he probably has a car that he should not be having simply because he looks flat out ridiculous.

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This is from Yasiel Puig’s official Instagram page:

Creo que está muy pequeño para mí me parezco a él game de Mario Car de Nintendo hahahah ????

A photo posted by @yasielpuig (@yasielpuig) on

Are we even sure that Puig isn’t bigger than the car? He looks ridiculous standing next to it. It’s like watching The Incredible Hulk get into a shoebox.

The comment on Puig’s caption roughly translates to “I think it’s too small for me” and, also, that he thinks he looks like he’s in Nintendo’s Mario Kart.

The upside is that this is not the only car he owns. In fact, he owns a car that makes him look like a normal human:

Whew. At least he drives something larger than a matchbox car. It looks like Puig might be taking his Rolls Royce Ghost with him to spring training. If he does that, he’ll look awfully familiar to Willie Mays Hayes in “Major League.”

Either way, Puig has an interesting car collection. He has one of considerable size and luxury, and another that a poodle would feel comfortable driving. Do you, Yasiel. Do you.

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