This may come as a surprise, but the internet is not a particularly patient place. Crazy, I know.

Also crazy: this state of impatience on the internet extends to various sports team’s fanbases.

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Even crazier: the fan base whose favorite team has endured one of the weirdest offseasons in recent memory is slightly more frustrated than the typical fan base.

Case in point: We asked if fans trust the front office when they talk about their goals for this franchise. More than 1,700 people voted (not including those who wrote in their votes without necessarily participating).

Honestly, when we sent the poll out, I would’ve thought the results would be a lot more lopsided, so that was good to see.

Is this even a decent approval rating? Not really, but it shows that while the noise can get pretty loud out there, for the most part, fans understand a single year is nowhere near long enough to judge what this front office is up to.

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8 Responses

  1. 2B15Lopes

    I trust the FO. They are building strong for the long term. The poll doesn’t surprise me. It makes sense that people who are well informed, patient, and understanding of what the FO is doing are going to be less inclined to feel the need to participate in the poll because we are letting things play out. The numbers will be skewed towards the feelings of the nervous, frantic, and impatient.

  2. kaykaysmommy

    You are absolutely correct…but fans have every right to be frantic…..We’ve been waiting 27 years, what’s another 2-3 years right?

  3. MarySmith9

    if they are waiting for 2018 then they need to trade Kershaw if they can get the moon for him from a team willing to part with 6 to 8 guys who can step in now or in a year, and they need to absorb all Kershaw’s salary.

  4. livedyre

    I’m fine with what the front office is doing. But why are ticket prices going up when team spending is going down. So if payroll is down then they should lower ticket prices.

  5. WenSheld

    2B15Lopes So let me know what you know.  What is the Front office doing? What is the “long term” plan they have and what have the done to execute this plan? I believe the poll is suggesting that trust is an earned status that the fans have every right to be


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