I wrote Wednesday how candidates for the Los Angeles Dodgers’ vacant manager position seem a lot more active than fans probably like to see them. The fear: All the best options might be hired away before the Dodgers have a crack at them.

So… About that.

According to a Washington Post report, one such candidate is apparently off the board. Bud Black will reportedly be hired by the Washington Nationals, assuming the duties of former manager Matt Williams.

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I’m sure Dodgers fans will react to this in a perfectly sensible manner, given the levels of trust throughout the fan base for the front office.

As I wrote, it would be ridiculous to hope for complete transparency as it wouldn’t serve Andrew Friedman in any practical manner.That said, however, when fans grow frustrated due to failures to meet expectations and the response tends to be “oh, don’t worry about it”, of course fans’ frustrations will grow.

Is the logic used when fans grow impatient flawed? Probably, but the inability or unwillingness to communicate opens the organization to such flawed criticism.

Black wasn’t the perfect candidate by any stretch. His record in San Diego is hardly anything to write home about. But, while he was a name fans might’ve known and he seemingly slipped through the cracks (for an admittedly better job) before rumors swirled of a single interview, I would imagine questions of what the Dodgers might be doing will start to mount.

It’ll just be interesting to see whether the Dodgers are willing to answer said questions.

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  1. Godfrey K. Quelnan

    My favorite candidate’s are still out there. I said from before , a DODGER should manage a DODGER. A former player or coach who coached or played in the organization should manage team team, because they KNOW or KNEW how it was being a player or coach under Tom Lasorda. They knew or know how to win. Not these managers that were managing the team since the new owners before after the O’Malleys were running the organization. These managers don’t know what it is to be DODGERS. Since 1999 the managers were never DODGERS.


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