Relativity can be a beautiful thing.

Heading into the offseason, Carl Crawford and Andre Ethier’s contracts (especially the former) looked essentially immovable, even if the Dodgers swallowed the bulk of that salary.

Now, though, as the rates on contracts given out continues to increase, the relative level of atrocities they once were becomes slightly more fathomable.

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Only slightly, though – let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal first floated out the idea on Twitter:

When the numbers are put side-by-side like that, the deals somehow look even worse, don’t they?

Ethier is coming off of a solid 2015 season and easily holds exponentially more value than Crawford, who can’t stay healthy and is owed more money.

The idea here is that as the salaries of players around them go up, the contracts become easier to swallow for other teams who might look to benefit from the Dodgers trying to shed salary wherever possible.

It would obviously mean the Dodgers would again head into another season with dead salary on the books, but even if they eat half of both salaries, that’s nearly $40 million off the books over the next two years.

Chances are, the Dodgers wouldn’t be able to move both contracts this offseason, so the hypothetical mentioned above doesn’t hold all that much water. Moving Ethier does seem plausible, though, given what he offers both on and off the field.

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