The Winter Meetings took a slow turn for the Dodgers on Wednesday, so there are many questions still unanswered. The battle for the best closer is down to the Dodgers, Marlins, but the Nationals were added to the list early Thursday morning.

The Miami Marlins have more interest in Kenley Jansen but the Dodgers do not want to lose their star closer. The Curacao native has been the top closer since the off-season and he is the only reliable closer who hasn’t been signed to a team.

After losing Mark Melancon to the San Francisco Giants, the Nationals are looking to fill up their closer spot. Aroldis Chapman signed with his former team, the New York Yankees, on Wednesday for 5-years and $86 million.

The only question left who will Jansen sign with?

Club executives get the sense that the Dodgers are not going to match the Marlins offer for Jensen, according to Andy McCullough of the LA Times.

Comfort is what Kenley Jansen wants and he has it with the Dodgers due to how much they valued him and used me last season. The possibility of comfort with the Marlins comes from the former Dodgers are now a part of the Marlins organization.

  • Don Mattingly
  • Tim Wallach
  • Lorenzo Bundy
  • Dee Gordon
  • Newly acquired A.J. Ellis

If the Dodgers are unable to re-sign Jansen, the only possible alternative is David Robertson. The 31-year-old closer, had a record of 5-3 with a 3.48 ERA and collected 37 saves last season with the White Sox.

Today is the last day of the winter meetings, and the Dodgers have yet to re-sign Jansen and Justin Turner.

Will Kenley Jansen return in Dodger blue?

Rumor Updates: More for the Dodgers Front Office to Work On

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  1. GeorgeInnes

    To think that the Dodgers are where they’re at with signing Jansen, when they could have extended him last year or the year before for far less is just further evidence of the ineptitude of the Dodgers’ front office.  They now have themselves in a real pickle, as they are forced to compete in the open market, where the best outcome is to way overpay for Jansen.  I still think that the most important holes the Dodgers have to fill are in the front office.  Friedman and Zaidi are clowns who don’t know what they are doing.  If the signings of Kazmir, McCarthy, and Anderson for more than a total of $120 million are not evidence enough, I don’t know what is.  Take the money paid for those three losers alone, and the Dodgers would be well on the way of having the money they would need to sign both Jansen and Turner.,

  2. pauldodgerfan1965

    Hey it’s Paul and I couldn’t agree more.. We will not, I repeat WILL NOT ever get to a WS with these clowns in the FO.  Maybe a sub .500 season in 2017 and a last place finish might open the eyes of Kasten and ownership so we don’t have to continue to hear kasten lying to all of us that they are all in or want to be contenders because frankly the Dodgers are out of it already.

  3. walterkeif

    Why do I keep getting the feeling the Dodgers front office is going to blow this deal also.

  4. pauldodgerfan1965

    Because you and most of us know that they are not a competent FO group.   I will say this: Dodgers must finish below .500 and end up in last place in the division and then maybe just maybe Freidman and his side kicks can be fired!

  5. tenbus

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Maybe if Friedman and Co were not saddled with these horrible Ned contracts, they’d have more flexibility. Bu they have to get the payroll down to the new CBA. These are the clwns who did not give in to public pressure to get David Price or Cole Hamels for Seager and Urias. SO, even by not making those moves, they actually did make moves that played out well.

  6. BrooksBerrett

    The Brain Trust, also known as the Dodger front office are not committed to being an elite team are satisfied with making the playoffs.  Methinks they will not pay Jansen nor Turner fair market value and they will be playing elsewhere next year and beyond.

  7. BrooksBerrett

    pauldodgerfan1965 GeorgeInnes 
    Methinks that as long as they draw 4 million per year at inflated ticket and parking prices the won and loss record is secondary.

  8. GeorgeInnes

    tenbus You’ve got to be kidding.  These two clowns, Friedman and Zaidi, spent over $120 million on Kazmir, McCarthy, and Anderson, and what did they get from those three losers.  Now they don’t have $80 million for Jansen, who has actually been a key to the Dodgers’ success.  I don’t want to give up top prospects, but that’s not the issue with Jansen or Turner.  They should at least be willing to pay those players who have actually given them something in the past.

  9. 2015robertjenkins

    the “only” possible alternative ?
    what, did you attend Hyperbole 101 at community college ?

  10. BCRobitaille

    GeorgeInnes tenbus There’s been some good decisions (like to keep Seager, Urias, ect) and some bad ones, like the signing of Kaz, McCarthy, ect. I also still hate the Dee Gordon trade. Letting Greinke go was disappointing but it have have been for the best. I really hope they keep both JT and Jansen but it may not be possible. They’re trying to cut payroll from the outlandish spending they had before.

    I’m definitely not a huge fan of the Dodgers FO but I’m hoping they make some good moves this off-season.

  11. BCRobitaille

    pauldodgerfan1965 GeorgeInnes Well they were just 2 wins away from a WS just this year. So idk about that.

  12. JohnLucas5

    GeorgeInnes tenbus  They don’t want to give up prospects, and they don’t want to give up money! That’s a good way of approaching the winter meetings especially, if you don’t want to make any deals!

  13. JohnLucas5

    pauldodgerfan1965 walterkeif  Careful there Paul, if you say the FO is incompetent they may go out and sign 5 more former GM’s. Hmmmm………wonder if all those GM’s are causing the problem?

  14. JohnLucas5

    BCRobitaille GeorgeInnes tenbus  You know, I’m just starting to wonder if the Dee Gordon trade burned them more than they’re letting on……..Maybe it’s made them gun shy about pulling the trigger on other deals? It almost seems like this FO is operates out of counter measure rather than being pro-active.

  15. Bleed Blue Forever

    If money was not an issue, I’d sign Jansen NOW.  He is a proven closer for LA.  Ego’s of today’s players to be recognized as the highest paid player of his kind, is something I’ll never understand.  What’s $5M when it comes to signing a contract in the $50M range?  Who on Earth would not want to be a Dodger?  Good grief.

  16. DavidLyons1

    GeorgeInnes tenbus That’s exactly right George..! It appears that Friedman and his power hungry goons mistake price tags for poor judges of talent.. Something that he/they (Zaida) excell at..

  17. DavidLyons1

    pauldodgerfan1965 walterkeif Hopefully that is the case Paul… Not that The Dodgers finish last, but that those ‘Chumps’ get fired.

  18. DavidLyons1

    BrooksBerrett pauldodgerfan1965 GeorgeInnes That is their philosophy.. for years to come. Too bad as that will effectively ruin Kershaw’s career… Pitching for a second rate non contender every year.. He deserves better..

  19. pauldodgerfan1965

    Since before the 2015 Season FO has given us buzz words such as functional, cerebral and now due diligence.  I know moves most likely could now be made in the weeks ahead but they kind of struck out at these meetings.  Wss now how they address 3B 2B and back end BP.

  20. pauldodgerfan1965

    Bleed Blue Forever
    Dodgers are not necessarily an attractive team for players presently and the too many chefs in the FO and some of the work they have done hasn’t won too many players over.

  21. pauldodgerfan1965

    JohnLucas5 pauldodgerfan1965 walterkeif
    Too many chefs in the kitchen could very well be the problem.

  22. pauldodgerfan1965

    DavidLyons1 pauldodgerfan1965 walterkeif
    Someone on the MLB site asked if I had trust in this FO and quite honestly?  Not at the present time.

  23. pauldodgerfan1965

    BrooksBerrett pauldodgerfan1965 GeorgeInnes
    me thinks you are correct.  I used to live in So Calif and went to many games before moving to Southern Oregon in 2004.

  24. pauldodgerfan1965

    BCRobitaille pauldodgerfan1965 GeorgeInnes
    Well, still no WS appearance now for 28 years, the longest Pennant drought in franchise history. Most of the players that helped Dodgers win 4 Division titles were here before FAZ came here.

  25. Bleed Blue Forever

    pauldodgerfan1965 Bleed Blue Forever You may be right Paul.


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