So we’re starting to hear a little more about what the Miami Marlins are asking for in return for Jose Fernandez and it’s… Quite a bit.

It was always interesting that he’d be on the market at all and the asking price speaks to some of those reports that he never really has been available in the first place. I’ll comp to reading the situation incorrectly.

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Here’s Joe Frisaro with exactly what it would take to acquire the 23-year-old ace:

We responded in the only way we know possible: sarcastically.

Look, if Fernandez was never really available (like it seems based on the request in return), cool. The Dodgers can move on accordingly.

We do know that the Dodgers will refuse to move off the stance of not including Corey Seager in a trade, and seeing as he’s the first name listed by Frisaro (who is almost definitely getting his leak from the Marlins’ side of negotiations), it appears the trade talks are extremely far apart.

Now, just as we’re reading the situation based off the leak coming from the Marlins’ side in this report, when the original offer (Urias and Seager — which the Dodgers reportedly were not interested in) came out, it was coming from the Dodgers’ side.

Seeing as the negotiations by all accounts are only a couple days old, there’s still time to find some kind of middle ground, but based on the reports we’ve seen thus far, it appears everyone involved will need to continue to get more creative.

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6 Responses

  1. JacksonEbner

    doubt they would trade seager for fernandez straight up, i wouldn’t.  but urias, pederson, and two lower level guys maybe.

  2. Gododla

    F*ck Don I wouldn’t give him sh**… get cueto and Chap. And tell the Marlins to F off.

  3. Darviathar

    That asking price is worse than absurd.  Apparently Miami thinks they have the rights to Clayton Kershaw, rather than Fernandez.  Tell them to suck it.

  4. SteveCarnine

    Am I missing something here? We’re talking a guy with less than 300 major league innings and a TJ zipper on his elbow. I’m not sure I trade him even up for Urias.


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