In an incredible turn of events, the Washington Nationals have altered course and offered Dusty Baker – not Bud Black as previously reported – the job as manager.

Why does this matter on a Dodgers website? Put simply, the guy the Nationals seemingly passed on is a better option for the Dodgers. That isn’t a particularly popular sentiment with Dodgers fans, but we know what Dusty Baker offers.

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CBS’ Jon Heyman broke the story Monday night.

For a team whose strength is easily its pitching, maximizing it with a manager like Bud Black seems like the way to go, especially coming off of years with Don Mattingly.

Baker also comes across as more stubborn than most other candidates, and the last thing the organization needs is a rift between the front office and the manager it hires.

Watch for rumors to start swirling of the Dodgers’ interest in Black in the coming week in ways they might not have with Baker.

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