This Thanksgiving, fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers might very well the grateful for a greatly-improved bullpen, according to some rival executives.

In 2015, the great frustration (fairly easily) was watching the team play a strong seven-or-so innings only to see the team falter before the ball could get to Kenley Jansen — widely considered one of the game’s best relief pitchers.

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According to rival executives through CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman, to Dodgers are likely to add the offseason’s best relief pitchers:

For the pen, they are looking closely at setup man extraordinaire Darren O’Day, who is being pursued by the Braves, Nats and others and seeks four years. “He’ll probably get it from the Dodgers,” one rival GM predicts, paying no heed to the reduction rumblings.

The Dodgers potentially signing would go a long way in aiding one of the team’s biggest shortfalls in 2015. Combine that with bringing back Zack Greinke and whatever Dave Roberts and, on Thanksgiving, the fan base might have plenty to look forward to in 2016.

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  1. dodgers50

    dodgers better shore up the 7th and 8th innings by signing one of the relief pitchers,hope its o day.he looks like the best fit.


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