It’s no secret that the Los Angeles Dodgers are looking to rid themselves of at least one outfielder this offseason.

They have made Carl Crawford, Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp available for trade in order to relieve some of the logjam in the outfield. Ethier has been named as the most likely to be traded, but Kemp has been said to bring back the greatest return. While no significant rumors have been reported of any being traded, teams have been checking in on the outfielders.

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, there’s one National League West team that has asked about one of the outfielders:

The Padres have made no secret of their interest in Cuban outfielder Yasmany Tomas. They’re in the mix for free-agent third baseman Pablo Sandoval, according to They’ve cast a wide net in trade discussions for a hitter, kicking the tires on Jason Heyward before the Braves moved him and checking in on the Dodgers’ Matt Kemp, Reds’ Jay Bruce and others, according to major-league sources.

Via Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, Kemp continues to draw significant interest:

Word is there is serious interest in Matt Kemp, which will weigh heavily into the equation.

While the Dodgers would likely prefer to not trade Kemp within the division, it’s interesting to see the Padres interest, considering they are usually the ones dealing major talent. Kemp enjoyed a strong second half in 2014 and finished the year at .287 with 25 home runs and 89 RBIs. He recovered from ankle and shoulder surgery to become the hitter he was in 2011, when he finished second in the NL MVP vote. Though he wasn’t the same outfielder, Kemp’s move to right field was fitting.

The team has already said that their is a high price tag for the 30-year-old and it’s unclear whether the Padres would be willing to meet those demands. It’s a different strategy by San Diego’s new GM, and although Kemp is probably out of his reach, the Padres could be a threat in the near future if other deals are made.


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8 Responses

  1. Michael N. Norris

    No way he goes to the Padres if Freidman and his new GM have any brains at all….Dodger fans would revolt….

    • Richard F.

      Whoa!! I would never say never. Very few untouchables after Kershaw. If the Padres offered Cashner, Ross and Cabrera, I would think very hard about doing it. Of course, they would never offer that but ANYTHING is possible.

      • Michael N. Norris

        Reason I say that is because I doubt they would trade him in the division…

      • Richard F.

        Like I said, ANYTHING is possible but I agree. I would not want totrade him except to the AL where he wouldn’t come back to hurt us. If Hanley is gone we have no RH power hitter to take their place except maybe SVS and Puig(maybe).

      • Michael N. Norris

        Puig has power, but at this point in his career, not much plate discipline..He should be a 20+ a year guy…VS is good VS lefty’s, but good RH give him trouble……and except for Gonzo, they have no LF power,,,,AE and CC are not those kind of guys anymore..

  2. Troy Miller

    Why are the Dodgers even considering to trade Matt Kemp?

    We hired a new manager to help this team and this is not the kind of help we wanted. This GM is stupid.


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