To say this offseason has moved at a snail’s pace might actually be an overstatement. Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal agrees.

At the forefront of those causing frustration amongst their fan base: The Los Angeles Dodgers. While said angst might be slightly unfounded, fans and executives around the league are wondering when the Dodgers might make their move and what it might look like.

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Recently, as Andrew Friedman has stockpiled prospects, trade targets have seemingly included any young pitcher atop their respective team’s rotation. In the next tier, Jake Odorizzi’s name has come up in connection to the Dodgers’ trading efforts, but a snag seems to have arisen rather specific to this front office.

Let Rosenthal explain.

The Dodgers, active in both markets, could trade for one starter and sign another. But to hear rival executives tell it, the trade front is full of obstacles. The Indians do not want to trade a starter. The Padres are setting unrealistic demands, as are the Marlins with Jose Fernandez. And the Rays, at least for the Dodgers, will not be an easy partner; they might be reluctant to trade with their former GM, Andrew Friedman, and beyond that likely value players the same way.

We knew about the Padres and Marlins’ incredible demands in return for their big names. The tidbit about the Indians is somewhat surprising based on recent headlines, but hey, it’s the offseason.

That last bit, though, regarding Friedman, specifically, and his former employer, is somewhat worrisome. If true, and the asking price is higher for the Dodgers just because of whoever might be heading the front office, the rebuilding process just got a little more complicated.

This is nothing to freak out over, obviously, as it’s just one sentence in an entire column about why the offseason is moving along so slowly, but again, if this report is true, a question of the reputation of this front office might be worth asking.

Did Friedman leave on worse terms in Tampa Bay than let on? Is he and his team irritating to negotiate with (they certainly aren’t the greatest interview)? We shouldn’t make too much over this, but it doesn’t feel like the kind of thing to simply throw away.

Keep an eye on this storyline, as the offseason continues to crawl along.

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11 Responses

  1. PhilFountain

    I would think the Rays would be reluctant to deal with their former GM for fear of being hornswaggled. If it looks like they got the short-end of a deal with the Dodgers, it would be a lot harder to take for them and their fan base. Maybe not wanting to deal with Friedman is a sign of respect.

  2. PhilWheeler

    I like to see some of the Dodger fans to shut up, stay away from the coffee shops and let Friedman do his job.

  3. Michael Norris

    PhilWheeler If he was doing his job they might. But the miss moves and loss of Greinke have the fan base upset, and you cannot blame them for that. The Chapman mess compounded things, the grabbing of players who have no shot of making the roster and then DFAing the same player a week later after a trade that makes even less sense, is frustrating to people who have been fans for years… far this offseason the team has not improved one bit, and their bitterest rivals have….

  4. Dodgers1965

    PhilFountain please don’t confuse the readers with logic…

  5. Dodgers1965

    Michael Norris have a happy holiday season, better days are coming.

  6. Michael Norris

    Dodgers1965 Michael Norris Yeah, they keep saying that. But at this point, and after having been a fan more than 60 years, I am pretty skeptical. I also do not want to see them sell the farm to get Fernandez…would cost too much..

  7. Dodgers1965

    Michael Norris I agree on giving up too much for Fernandez, which may be why this deal, if there is going to be one, is taking so long. The element of time is key in Negotiating  #101.

  8. movonup

    Hey PhilWheeler….Why, because he’s done such a great job so far? We all want to know what great thing he’s done? Is it the trade of Dee Gordon, and the $10 mil payment to the Marlins for Haren? Don’t forget the pitcher we got that went to the Angels. Oh and we got their 2nd baseman who was older & had a contract running out. Or how ’bout the $18 mil to San Diego for Kemp who hit 23 home runs w/100 rbi’s? Maybe it’s how he told us for 2015 they were going to shore up the outfield & middle pitching? Wow, that worked out fantastic! Or maybe it’s the way he didn’t sign Greinke (losing him to a division rival) during last spring, or the way he didn’t get rid of the Blackout? And how about the way he fired “Manager of the Year” and 11 others in the farm system? Not to mention keeping Mattingly 1 year too long and passing the chance to hire “Manager of the Year” Joe Maddon?
    Maybe you should shut up and stop drinking alcohol. BTW I’ll be waiting for all those positive things he’s been doing that let’s you belive he’s not a baffoon.

  9. movonup

    I can’t understand why any team even the D-Rays wouldn’t jump at the chance to trade with Friedman’s Dodgers, because Friedman has a knack for making the other team better. Proof in Puddin’

  10. JPaolo

    Yourr right about everything but D.M.They should have canned his ass 2 years ago…


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