Get used to this word in the coming weeks: Sources.

In this case, sources around the Los Angeles Dodgers’ hiring process say the organization was pretty impressed with Dave Roberts’ interview. Given several reports of people around the league’s level of respect for Roberts, it should come as little surprise the front office liked what they saw and heard in the interview.


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Bob Nightengale of USA Today had this to say on Robert’s interview with the Dodgers.

Dave Roberts has blown the #Dodgers away in his managerial interview, and if he doesn’t get the job, he’ll at least be the bench coach.

— Bob Nightengale (@BNightengale) November 4, 2015

Given the quality of candidate who’d interviewed before Roberts (remember, the front office reportedly really likes Gabe Kapler and Dave Martinez), the impression the former Dodger made cannot be overlooked.

The bit about his “at least” being the bench coach is interesting, as you’d typically think the new manager would want something to say about that, but this is a different era of baseball, where a much larger percentage of decisions are made in the front office.

The news surrounding the managerial search seems to be quickening, as the Dodgers would obviously like to have this taken care of or at least be able to tell potential free agent signings they’re close to understanding who the free agent might be playing for.

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    While there are far more important qualities than race, I would love to see the Dodgers hire a Japanese American manager!


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