Daniel Murphy will probably go down in Los Angeles Dodgers lore for what he did to the team in the 2015 postseason. The run he went on was absolutely insane.

So, the front office is thinking: “If you can’t beat ’em, sign ’em.”

ICYMI: Dodgers Looking To Shore Up Bullpen

In Jon Heyman’s “Inside Baseball” Tuesday morning, he reports as much:

Aiming high makes perfect sense for the $300-million team that’s built to win. And so do their intentions at second base, where they are considering Daniel Murphy and a return ofChase Utley as a couple of the main options.

While a return of Howie Kendrick, who played over Utley, also makes sense, they wouldn’t mind a left-handed option who can play both second and third. Murphy, who eliminated the Dodgers with the shocking game-winning home run in Game 5 of the NLDS off no less than Greinke, would seem like a perfect fit. Interestingly, the two teams Murphy fits bets may be the Dodgers and crosstown Angels.

Not to dispute Heyman’s information, it just doesn’t seem all that likely that the Andrew Friedman and the rest of the Dodgers’ front office would get swept up in the postseason momentum Murphy created.

Not only would they have to pay top dollar for his services given said momentum, but a compensatory pick would have to go back to the New York Mets, as he received a qualifying offer.

I will say this, though: with this rumor and that of the Dodgers’ prioritizing either re-signing Greinke or signing David Price (for whom they would not have to give up a pick), it appears the organization has the gear shifted heavily in win-now mode.

So, any and all reports of some youth movement or rebuilding process can essentially be thrown out the window. The Dodgers appear ultra-active at the GM meetings, a trend I simply don’t see slowing down anytime soon.

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