Not all rookies have their eyes looking at the same thing. Some want to at least not look bad in their first season, others want to win Rookie of the Year, but a select few want what Corey Seager actually wants as he is set to begin his first full-season as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Seager doesn’t strive for the fame that a great rookie season can bring him. In fact, he already has experienced some of that fame as he put together a monster September run with the Dodgers in 2015 and played himself onto the postseason roster. He already has the fame part down. Now he wants the fortune.

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From Ken Gurnick of MLB dot com:

“To win a championship,” he said. “That’s the only success you want, or it’s failure. Worry about the team first, and the accolades come second. If you’re out there every day, your numbers will be there. It’s about winning and that’s it.”

Corey Seager is definitely a cut above the rest in terms of outlook and things of that nature. While individual success is certainly important, Seager already knows that it matters little without the success of the team coming right alongside of it.¬†Seager’s not worried about his own success, and that’s a big deal.

It’s very rare that you see this level of maturity out of a player who will turn 22 years old by the end of April, but here we are. Seager, in some ways, resembles the stoic nature of Mike Trout. All about the team, all about always improving, and all about the goal at the end of the tunnel. The Dodgers couldn’t be any happier with Seager and his mindset.

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