Dodgers & Matt Kemp Close To 2 Year Deal?

We started hearing about it back on 12/31/09, but Matt Kemp’s agent shot it down. Claiming the two sides weren’t close and that Kemp was fine going year to year.

Now, we have Jim Bowden claiming they are close to a 2 year deal, which can’t be longer due to ownership issues.

A 2 year deal… Who’s the winner here Kemp or the Dodgers? What is a fair number for Kemp?

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  1. Cisco Cee

    Barring some ridiculously low or high salary number, I think both sides come out ahead. Dodgers get Kemp for longer than 1 year and get a player who will still be motivated to improve (to get more $$ in a few years). Kemp gets that opportunity to rake in a bigger payday in a few years.

  2. TDOG

    Awesome news!!! Kemp & Ethier are the future of the Dodgers outfield loong after Manny’s gone. Best to lock them in while we’re in a good position to negotiate. Both of them will only get better over time since they are still young. GO BLUE!

  3. ca!i sty!e

    I love this deal for Kemp. Not only does he deserve it, it will give all the other youngsters (Ethier, Billingsley, Broxton, Loney. Kershaw) something to work towards.

  4. dodgertime

    This is great news!! As Cali states it gives the rest of the squad something to be motivated about. The Dodgers have a player in Kemp who has quickly escalated into being a top 10 player.

    Check back tomorrow for my next “Around the Nation” article featuring Matt Kemp.

    Nicely done Ned!

  5. mikey

    works for both sides. Kemp has one more year under dodger control after that so then the dodgers can sign him to a longer extension after that.


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