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If there’s anything that can be deduced thus far in the offseason it’s that the Los Angeles Dodgers’ outfield is likely to look different by the 2015 season. It was reported weeks ago the team was shopping Carl Crawford, Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp and since that point, Kemp’s name has routinely been included in trade talks.

Teams reportedly interested in the right fielder have ranged from the Seattle Mariners to the San Diego Padres and as of Sunday, the Baltimore Orioles as well. Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman admitted the team would benefit from trading an outfielder and reports indicate if Kemp is moved, it would require plenty in return.

Involving one of the teams reportedly interested in Kemp, ESPN’s Jim Bowden proposed the following three-team trade:

Dodgers acquire: James Paxton from Seattle; Jean Segura from Milwaukee. Mariners acquire: Ryan Bruan from Milwaukee. Brewers acquire: Matt Kemp from Los Angeles; Miller from Seattle.

Bowden believes the trade would net the Dodgers a talented pitcher and fill their shortstop need:

The Mariners could offer them one of the best young left-handed starters in the game in Paxton to put in their rotation behind Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke and Hyun-Jin Ryu. If they could pick up Segura in a three-way deal with the Brewers, they would have their stopgap shortstop until top prospect Corey Seager is ready for the majors (or is moved to third base).

While the Dodgers most glaring need is at shortstop given Hanley Ramirez’s departure for Boston, they are also without a fifth starter in the rotation. Interestingly enough, that hasn’t exactly stopped them from reportedly exploring trade options for Dan Haren.

Bowden’s proposed trade benefits the Mariners as they’re known to be searching for a right-handed bat and Kemp replacing Ryan Bruan in Milwaukee is an interesting wrinkle. With winter meetings in Orlando set to begin in just over one week, trade talks will likely begin to heat up.

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  1. dominator1432

    It would benefit both teams but it should be seattle,Baltimore, and los Angele. Dodgers recive james paxton from seattle and the second baseman from baltiomore. Baltimore rreceives the secondbaseman from seattle and miller. Seattle gets steven pierce and matt kemp

  2. fugazi71

    This might be the dumbest trade proposal I’ve ever read.

  3. Clinton Rossi

    That would be dumb and dumber move they can make

  4. larryball

    Matt Kemp is a Gio Stanton, Andrew McCutcheon caliber outfielder. Stop this crazy talk. He’s back and will be a stud for a long time. He’s just about 30 and has another 5-6 years. RELAX

  5. Mary Smith

    if the pitcher were walker from sea then yes it would be doable. they do not need another lefty unless it’s an elite one.

  6. Cutis C Clark

    Kemp is the only outfielder the dodgers have of tradable value out side of Puig, I say Kemp gets traded because of the strained relation with Puig. Would I trade Kemp nope, horrible trade

    • TheZuluNation

      Kemp and Puig just need to learn how to mesh together because both of them in the lineup and cause for problems against the opposing team.

  7. 21grams

    Corey Seager will be the Dodgers 3rd baseman of the future.. 2016. Dodgers already have a stop gap there in Juan Uribe/Justin Turner. Dodgers will Sign 27 year old RIGHT HAND power hitter Jung-Ho Kang to a multi year deal…

    In 2014, the 27-year-old had a career year. He put up MVP-type numbers, hitting .360/.465/.756

    Dodgers trade Eithier and Crawford for and Carlos Frias & $$ for bullpen arms.

    Joc will start in left Puig center and Kemp in right. Van stash as backup.

    Free agency will be a toss up between Hamel and Lester.

  8. Joe Macera

    Not a good trade. Dodgers don’t have a hole at Shortstop that needs to be filled, even with Hanley Ramirez leaving.

  9. Jessica Katz

    We need to keep Kemp. I don’t agree with most of the trading done this year. DUMB

  10. Jay

    Matt Kemp is not going anywhere. The dude is an MVP caliber player who just barely turned 30. Dodgers just lost Hanley’s right handed bat. So let’s trade Kemp to make room for an unproven rookie in Joc? Or a regressing Ethier? Makes zero sense. Kemp will be hitting behind A Gon all 2015 and will win the NL MVP.

  11. Luciano Beltran

    I would be so surprised if Seattle gave up that great pitcher since they are right now rebuilding their offense since their pitching is close to where they want it to be. But I also agree with the rest of you here that if the dodgers traded Kemp that would be really stupid.

  12. DODGERS1955

    stupid trade idea, we wouldn’t be getting what kemps worth. bad move to trade kemp anyway.hes the best right handed hitter on the team and he will be for a long time now that the injuries are over. the only other good right handed hitter is trade haren hes not that good,if they can pay Kershaw all that money why not get one of the aces to go with the other pitchers.friedman has to quit screwing around and start getting what we need. a starting pitcher,a shortstop,a catcher and some bull pen help.sherzer or shields would be a good fit.van slyke deserves a shot at starting in left with puig in center and kemp in right hed be starting with any other team.hes just like his dad andy he was a very good hitter to.

  13. glblank

    Braun can’t stat healthy. These blockbuster trades are a thing of the past.

  14. Ken

    Dodgers do NOT need a third left handed starter for one, and have THREE shortstops in the wings waiting…Corey Seager and two Cuban kids !

  15. Doug Rieck

    Im for KEEPING Matt… unless we aquire TWO pichers of Clayton’s caliber and that don’t exist!!!!!!!!!

  16. Keith Wuttke

    Keep Kemp ! Jeez! How dumb can ya be to look at trading him!? trade Ethier-not Kemp- Dodgers covered at short when Hanley has been hurt- so what’s the big rush to trade their best OF to get a SS? STUPID!

  17. TheZuluNation

    If the Dodgers received Taijuan Walker, then it would be better.


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