With all the expectations and competition that comes with the rivalry between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants, it’s always nice to see moments where both fan bases can share a laugh.

The “Kiss Cam” is an entertainment segment that takes place at most sporting events, in which you will see various couples throughout the stadium lock lips when put on the big screen. However, one couple bypassed the kiss and reacted in a unique manner.

With one wearing a Dodgers hat and the other in a Giants shirt and hat, the couple seemed to be prepared for their possible moment and dumped their respective beers on one another. Luckily, it appeared as though the Dodgers fan had a spare shirt under the one he was wearing, where as the Giants fan didn’t seem to have such luck.

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Eric Avakian is a senior at Cal Poly Pomona majoring in marketing and business administration. Growing up in Burbank, California, Eric grew up as an avid Dodgers and Lakers fan.

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  1. Anthony Senella

    So stoked dodgers captured this moment of us. We won’t forget it. Thanks to everyone who got a kick out of it


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