Among the group of players who played for the Los Angeles Dodgers and are now free agents, Hanley Ramirez is by far the most marquee name.

Since being traded to the Dodgers in 2012, the 30-year-old shortstop has been a key player for a team with World Series aspirations. After somewhat of a down year offensively and struggle to remain healthy, Ramirez returning to Los Angeles is far from certain.

As expected, the Dodgers made the one-year, $15.3 million qualifying offer to Ramirez, which by all accounts he’s unlikely to accept. Ramirez has yet to announce his decision, but did express his thoughts on free agency via Twitter:

Ramirez also shared his love for what he calls ‘Hanleywood’ — his spin on Hollywood:

Shortly after the Dodgers’ brief postseason run came to an end, Ramirez tweeted that he was headed home to Florida but expressed a hope to remain with the Dodgers ‘forever.’

While Ramirez may not have been the same hitter in 2014 as he was in 2013, he is considered by many to be the best bat available on the open market this winter. What may have an impact on Ramirez’s prospects as a free agent is how open he’ll be to a change of position, which as of a report Friday, he’s open to.

Ramirez’s glove doesn’t compare favorably to other shortstops and a move to third base is widely believed to be necessary. That being said, the New York Yankees could emerge as a potential suitor given Derek Jeter’s retirement and they’d also be able to utilize Ramirez as designated hitter.

Ramirez has until 2 p.m. PT Monday to formally make his decision on the qualifying offer. Should he reject it as expected, Ramirez and the Dodgers would still be able to agree to different terms.

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  1. Michael N. Norris

    take one year Han ram….have a great season and you will get a much better contract..prove you are not made of glass


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