Minor League Signings + Invites to Spring Training

Dylan Hernandez reports, The Dodgers signed John Lindsey, Francisco Felix, Juan Perez, Doug Mientkiewicz and Angel Berroa to minor-league deals that include invitations to spring training.

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  1. Fire NED!! Use his salary to get an ACE.

    HEY ! I got an invite to spring training as well! So did my little sister! My Grandmother got a invitation to Dodgers Spring training as well but told NED ~

    ” Stick it! If you can’t afford to buy a Marquee player like Brandon Philips, or even a solid starter like Wolf, what makes you think you can afford me? You cheapster”

    My 11 year old grand daughter spends more lunch money at her elementary school than you do with the Dodgers.

  2. Huff

    Juan Perez is going to surprise you if you don’t know about him already. He has a fastball that touches 98 with movement and a looping curve ball that makes left handed hitters bail. His change could use some work, but as a lefty specialist he is devistating. Last year he perforemed great for the Braves AAA team but did not get the call because they had way to much money in a lot of guys above him. If he stays healthy he will be a huge assett to the club.


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