In his final season as MLB Commissioner, Bud Selig has visited several stadiums, held multiple press conferences, and presented Vin Scully with an award.

Selig also formed a committee and charged them with the task of coming up with methods to shorten the average length of games played. The committee instituted changes that are currently being tested in the Arizona Fall League, with the idea some of the new rules could go into effect for the 2015 season.

The committee Selig appointed doesn’t hold any current players on it, but includes MLBPA executive director Tony Clark. While the idea is Clark represents the players, New York Mets outfielder Curtis Granderson wants players’ opinions heard, according to ESPN’s Jayson Stark:

It’s just important for us to have a say. It doesn’t need to be all 750 of us. It’s just important to have three or four players who can say, ‘Hey, we’ve noticed this, and we feel this way.'”

According to Stark, commissioner-elect Rob Manfred, who is on the committee, wrote in an email to ESPN, Clark was included so as to ensure the players had representation:

Manfred told, in an email, that Clark “represents all major-league players and was included on the committee to give players a voice. Tony and I have discussed the fact that it is important for players to interact directly with the committee as the process moves forward. Tony is in the best position to select representative players that should be involved.”

Dodger players including Jamey Wright and Darwin Barney expressed little to no concern over the current length of games and Wright furthered his comments by stating baseball fans also aren’t bothered by it. The Dodgers were warned in June for violating the pace of game regulations that are currently in place, but nothing else ever came of it.

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  1. Michael N. Norris

    why have more rules that are unenforceable? makes no sense….The game is what it Is..leave it alone

  2. Jeff Meyer

    only time games go over the 2 hour 30 min mark are the high scoring games get a grip if its not broke then dont fix it


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