Jon SooHoo-Los Angeles Dodgers

Jon SooHoo-Los Angeles Dodgers

From Mat Latos being upset after only four innings of work to Los Angeles Dodgers manager Don Mattingly, there was plenty of frustration exuding from the visitors clubhouse at Petco Park after Thursday’s game.

The unhappiness was tied to a sixth-inning “neighborhood play” not going in the Dodgers favor. Mattingly challenged the call Chase Utley didn’t touch second base, though to no avail. According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, Major League Baseball said granting the Dodgers an out based on the neighborhood play wasn’t something that could be overturned via the replay process:

With Justin Upton being ruled safe at second base, he later scored with two outs in the inning on a Derek Norris RBI double. While it cut into the Dodgers’ lead at the time, the play didn’t necessarily result in a loss as the Padres won by three runs.

Adding to some of Mattingly’s frustration was second base umpire Chris Conroy telling the fifth-year manager he doesn’t believe in the neighborhood play. That of course didn’t sit well with Mattingly, who was visibly upset during his postgame media session.


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  1. jambo

    So is the neighborhood play in effect or not? What should infielders do from this point forward? I still don’t get it.

    • Tmax

      None of us do. The Umpire that called Upton safe should have been written up by ML Baseball and the call reversed. The Crew chief in my opinion is an idiot or a coward whichever fits. Highlighted by the call last night where the Padres wasnt even close to the bag. Shameful with the technology we have these days. But you still must have a brain and a the courage to reverse and neither the crew chief or the guys in NY have that.

  2. Jonathan

    Derek Norris safe at second? How do you confuse Derek Norris with Justin Upton? Especially since one of the funniest things in this incident was Upton’s expression. Please proofread.

    • seabee95

      What is funny is that you didn’t reread the article. No where did it say anything about Norris safe at second. “With Justin Upton being ruled safe at second base” is the wording in the article.

      • Jonathan

        Apparently, Mr. Moreno has fixed the error. It reads correctly now. Cheers. And Upton’s reaction was classic.

      • Matthew Moreno

        This is correct. Apologies for the mistake.

  3. Joanne Figueroa

    That is the MLB for you..the worst officiating of any sport and can’t come up with a solid answer. Ridiculous. I saw it with my own eyes, he did have his foot on the bag. Maybe they all need glasses.

  4. denz

    What?? His foot was right next to the bag on the front side.

  5. Jerry Daniel

    and what about the “neighborhood play” last night (Friday) where the Padre fielder wasn’t even in the “neighborhood”, but the Dodger runner was called “out”?


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