If there really was a most interesting man in the world, it would probably be Vin Scully. He has experienced so much that he seems to have a story for every subject imaginable.

Scully’s legendary career has earned him many awards of the years, and in June he was recognized by the Catholic Academy of Communication Professionals for his accomplishments as well as being a person of faith.

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In his acceptance speech for the award, Scully gives another peek into his life as he details the time that he met the Pope. This story is a humorous one that doesn’t end how one might expect.

“He turned and looked at me with those big eyes, and he said: ‘Are you with them?’

And I said: ‘yes.’

And he turned and walked away.”

Along with the hilarity of the story, Scully showcases his humbleness as he reflects on his career as a sports broadcaster.

To hear the entire story and the rest of the acceptance speech, check out the video below.

Scully has told many great stories, and this one is no exception. With his final year nearing its end, it’s important to cherish every story that Scully entertains us with.

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