On June 14th, the Dodgers made headlines when they announced the signing of outfielder Will Venable. the news came as a shock to fans because the team was already struggling to balance the amount of outfielders they had before him, so why add even more?

Well, according to Baseballreference.com, Venable has a career .250 batting average, .316 on base percentage, and 81 home runs. He clearly has quite a bit of potential, but here at DodgersNation, we feel that there may be another reason why the Dodgers decided to pick him up: he is Dave Roberts’ twin! Okay, maybe not, but the resemblance is undeniable.

To top it all off, the outfielder is using Dave Roberts’ old glove! Vin Scully pointed out in Thursday’s game against the Brewers that Venable had been using Roberts’ glove since 2012. The story goes that Venable went to Roberts complaining that his glove was causing him to make a lot of errors. Dave decided to give VenableĀ his old glove and its been with himĀ ever since.

We will see how this new outfielder will add to the Dodgers recently hot offense and always solid defense, but for now, lets just enjoy pretending we have a young Dave Roberts out there in right field.

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