Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Since being called up to the Majors from Double-A in June of 2013, Yasiel Puig has been taken under the wings by multiple veteran teammates who have provided guidance in Puig’s rapid rise to stardom.

Puig’s arrival was key in sparking the Los Angeles Dodgers’ historic run, but his time in the Majors has also come with bumps along the way. Over the last two seasons, claims from those outside of the clubhouse have asserted Puig is stubborn and unwilling to listen, among other negative accusations.

Nonetheless, Puig’s teammates have spoken on record about the young outfielder and refuted the idea he’s unable to be controlled or taught the nuances of the game. Puig was one of several Dodgers that Clayton Kershaw thanked in his acceptance speech for the NL MVP and Cy Young Awards, and he also was given high praise from the pitcher many believe to be the best in baseball.

In response to Kershaw’s kind words, Puig thanked the three-time Cy Young Award winner via his Instagram account, and said he’s motivated to play for Kershaw:

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  1. Alex

    How about we get rid of the “many believe” part when referring to Kershaw as the best pitcher? He IS the best. No questions asked. 😉

    • Johnny Yahooo

      Madison Bumgarner. 3 time world champion and a 3.06 lifetime era. I am a huge Dodger fan but as a baseball analyst, and if game 7 of the WS is on the line I would want Madison.

      • jvillacis90 .

        ahahahahah……ahahahahah….ahahahahah…. like anybody but a Giants fan would say Bumgarner is better than kershaw… like anybody but a giants fan would pretend to be a Dodgers fan just to post on a rival teams sports blog…. ahahah ….. and that you bring in lifetime era and than talk about being an analyst….ahaha … do I even need to bring up Kershaw’s lifetime era? …. ahahahahahahah …. thanks for laugh this brother!

      • fugazi71

        Lol this kid watches a bit too much Sportscenter. By that logic I guess Ernie Banks wasn’t an all time great either, right? Lay off the Buster Olney columns kid, they’re bad for your health

      • Johnny Yahooo

        Say what you want. I have been around baseball my whole life. I’ve got rings in my shrine too. I know the game. My son’s idol is Kershaw. But my head sees reality. 25yrs 3rings WS MVP, He is built like a work horse. Kershaw MUST win the WS to be in the conversation. I hope he wins 5 as a Dodger. So far he has stumbled in two tries.

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