2014 Spring Training: Dodgers Nation Connects With The Fans (Video)

The Dodgers are currently in their last week of Spring Training at Camelback Ranch in Glendale, Arizona before they head to Australia for their season opener. With an impressive roster and high expectations for the season, the Dodgers have drawn fans from all over the country and have played to sold out crowds.

Fans of all ages come to Arizona to enjoy a ballgame under the sun and share their love for both baseball and the Dodgers. For many fans, Spring Training is less about seeing the Dodgers play specific teams and more about just enjoying the game of baseball. It’s an escape from a cold winter, as well as a chance to share an experience with family and friends that they will remember for a lifetime.

While Spring Training is an opportunity for many players to prove themselves, for fans it is a time to relax. Fans can buy tickets to see their favorite players up close, like ace Clayton Kershaw and right-fielder Yasiel Puig or can choose to lay out on the lawn and watch the game from the outfield. Regardless of where one sits, there’s one thing that remains constant; at Spring Training, baseball is still America’s favorite pastime.

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