The Dodgers re-acquired Dylan Floro on the 4th of July, 2018. This is rather fitting. On the 4th of July Americans celebrate the movement that resulted in America’s independence, The Dodgers acquired a pitcher whose movement should also be celebrated. My biggest complaint about Dylan Floro’s 2018 was I wanted to see more of him. He was absolutely fun to watch pitch. Exhibit A:

Dylan Floro’s Summer in LA

Here are some stats for Dylan Floro during the regular reason in Dodger blue:

  • Games: 29
  • IP: 27.2
  • H: 18
  • K: 31
  • WHIP: 1.048
  • BB: 11

The number that I find most impressive, and most telling about the ability of the Dodger pitching staff, is his lowered hit per 9 numbers. He’s lowered his hit per 9 numbers every year, but even in 2018 his hits per 9 lowered from one team to the next. On the Reds in 2018 his H/9 was 9.7, versus a 5.9 while wearing Dodger blue.

That’s a little of a small sample size, but those numbers are electric. Dylan Floro quickly endeared himself to Dodger fans with the filthy movement on his fastball. It seemed to have a tail on it that fans were not expecting, and made fans wonder why this man didn’t have a closing job on a different team. Dylan Floro quickly became something of a cult fandom for Dodger fans on twitter and in our Dodger Nation game broadcasts. During an MLB season that had a lot of frustration for Dodger fans, any one player that could be so endearing to the fans is a feat worth noting.

That One Ugly Moment

This particular day was not a great one at the office for Dylan Floro.

The rules of a balk, whether Dylan really stepped his leg up instead of off, all of that has been parsed and argued many times. It would have been very difficult unlikely Dylan could have kept the winning run from scoring in this particular situation. The bases were juiced and there was only 1 out. Either way, it was an ugly moment but that’s how it goes sometimes.


The World Series not withstanding, Dylan Floro had a terrific postseason. He only faced one batter in the NLDS, so his work was mostly in the 7 game NLCS against the Brewers. Appearing in 5 games, he tossed 4.1 innings, allowing only 3 hits, 0 runs, and 5 strikeouts. He was solid. Take a look at his work here, in a game in the NLCS where the outcome was mostly decided. He gets hosed on a strike call that’s all but right down the middle, but the real treat of the video is the movement on his fastball and slider.

He obviously struggled in the World Series, but our best pitchers all struggled in the 2018 World Series. There’s no use avoiding the subject, the World Series was a struggle for everybody wearing a Dodger uniform.

Bigger Picture and Final Thoughts

The biggest opinion and concern in the Dodger ether about Dylan Floro this year was actually about his lack of usage. His effective-ness in many ways remains to be seen, because he wasn’t used as much as possible. 2019 has many question marks for his role, use, and like everyone else in the bullpen, his health. Dodger fans appreciated his 2018, and I know I am excited just to watch him throw. It’s Floro clock!


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