2018 Player Reviews: Erik Goeddel

Erik Goeddel is a name that’s easy to let get lost in the 2018 Dodgers shuffle (it’s a new dance FRG will teach to us all very soon.) It appeared early on that the Dodgers were attempting to make him the 2018 Brandon Morrow. He had some great outings, actually. Let’s take a look at his numbers.

By The Numbers

The commish had some encouraging numbers there. In the first 18 innings he worked, he only allowed one earned run. That’s 18 appearances, with one earned run. This 18 inning stretch was from May 4th-June 17th. He had a .46 ERA at the time. Unfortunately around that time, he had a few rough outings, mainly versus the Chicago Cubs/Mets. After that, he pitched 10.3 innings allowing only 3 earned runs–and those runs were all in the same outing (versus the Brewers.)

What Made Him Effective?

Goeddel is still a free agent, and that may be a crime. His splitter/changeup (hard to tell which to classify it as) was a weapon. The numbers against that pitch in 2018 were: .162/.246/.257. He struck out batters at a 41.7% rate with that pitch. The Dodgers must have seen this when the front office acquired him.


After his August 2nd outing where he allowed 3 runs against the Brewers, he didn’t pitch for 12 days. He pitched his last outing in 2018 on August 15th, against the Giants. The familiar injury foe–the dreaded elbow injury–ended his 2018 season.


Overall, Erik had a very good year for the Dodgers. The Dodgers love to use situational pitching and they used Erik Goeddel to perfection, mostly. He’s currently a free agent, and I firmly believe a team would greatly benefit from his addition.

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