2019 Kershaws Challenge Videos: Awards, Blue Carpet, Ping Pong and Behind the Scenes

Take a look at the fun behind one of the best Charity Events of the Year

We were lucky to be invited to Kershaw’s Challenge to help provide some awareness on the good they are doing not just for the city of Los Angeles, but also for the other parts of the world. Through the hearts of Ellen and Clayton Kershaw, the foundation has been able to raise over $7.5 million since 2011 to help a total of 14 beneficiaries in Los Angeles, Dallas, the Dominican Republic and Zambia.

“Baseball is great. I love it. I’m thankful I get to play it, blessed to be able to play it past high school. We know that baseball is going to end one of these days, hopefully a long time from now. And hopefully we have some things that continue on long, long after we’re gone.” – Clayton Kershaw

At this year’s event, Brad and Kim Paisley were honored by the Kershaws for their contributions and Clayton had a new partner in Cody Bellinger to help and win the tournament. There were fun times to be had by all while raising money for an amazing cause.

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