A.J. Ellis Pokes Fun At Clayton Kershaw For Failing To Snag Comebacker

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Dodgers endured a scare Friday afternoon as Clayton Kershaw was dropped to his knees by a comebacker that struck him on the left side of his face.

Kershaw remained in the game after being tended to by athletic trainer Stan Conte, recorded the final two outs of the third and followed it with scoreless fourth and fifth innings before being removed as planned. The Dodgers’ ace chipped a tooth but otherwise came away without serious injury.

However, Kershaw couldn’t escape ridicule from teammate and close friend A.J. Ellis, who called into question Kershaw’s 2011 Gold Glove Award, via Eric Stephen of True Blue LA:

I thought the gold glove was a sham,” Ellis joked. “He got a change up right at him. I thought he should have made the play and gotten a double play.”

Kershaw’s inability to complete a double play resulted in the Oakland Athletics having two runners on base with one out; though the matter was compounded on Juan Uribe’s errant throw that got passed Scott Van Slyke and allowed one baserunner to take advance an extra 90 feet — to third base.

Fortunately for Kershaw and the Dodgers, the fateful pitch was a cutter that got in on Andy Parrino’s hands and allowed for the scary moment to be one that can be laughed at after the fact.

Parrino’s bat appeared to break upon making contact with the ball, which took on more of a curved trajectory rather than a straight line drive as it headed toward Kershaw, likely saving him from being seriously injured.


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