Assessing The Dodgers’ Risk And Reward Of Signing Yoan Moncada

Yoan Moncada

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The latest and greatest Cuban export is 19-year-old Yoan Moncada. Nearly everyone who follows baseball has heard of him by now. Recently, Ken Gurnick gave his thoughts on the Los Angeles Dodgers’ pursuit of the phenom, painting a relatively pessimistic picture of the Dodgers’ chances of landing the slugger due to the penalty tax and other issues that arise.

Let’s take a look at the other side of the coin.


Gurnick correctly points out that the signing of Moncada would cost the Dodgers a great deal of money, $60-80 million by his estimates, once overage fees are factored in. He also points out the fact that the Dodgers have more money than Scrooge McDuck, so finances aren’t likely to hold the club back.


Additionally, Gurnick mentions the Dodgers would be “sidelined from any significant international signings for two years.”

The Dodgers would actually be penalized during the next signing period, which begins July 2, 2015. During the current signing period, which began on July 2, 2014, the Dodgers have already spent the majority of their allotted bonus pool, with at least $1.3 million of their allotted $1.9 million doled out, according to Eric Stephen of True Blue LA.

This means they are free to continue to spend as they please through the current signing period. Were the Dodgers to sign Moncada, they would actually have more incentive to spend, since they’d no longer have to worry about going over their pool.

The other point Gurnick makes, about not signing players in the next signing period, certainly holds weight. However, the club must determine whether they want Moncada or gamble on the field.

Is there going to be a player of Moncada’s caliber available during the next signing period? From all accounts, the answer is no. Getting a player at age 19 with Yasiel Puig-upside is a rarity and there doesn’t appear to be another one available anytime soon. Even if there was, there’s no guarantee the Dodgers would get him.

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