Astros Reportedly Apologized While Josh Reddick Has Tone Deaf Response to Dodger Fan

The Houston Astros continue to just plainly not get it. After robbing baseball fans of fair competition — and the Dodgers of a potential World Series title — in at least 2017, they were accused and punished for illegally stealing signs.

Then things somehow got worse…

Astros players got in front cameras and awkwardly stumbled around questions about their cheating. Then the owner stepped up alongside the players and showed that he had no idea what an apology was.

Flash forward, things got so ugly for Houston that the organization was sued by its own fans for the embarrassment caused by the situation. Now, Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic reports that in that lawsuit, the Astros once again apologized for their crimes. This time, through a lawyer.

“The ‘sign-stealing’ controversy has been a source of great disappointment to Astros fans as well as to the Astros organization. On several occasions, members of the Astros organization — including individual players and its Owner, Jim Crane — have expressed their sincere apologies and remorse for the events described in the report by the Commissioner of Major League Baseball.”

Sincere apologies.

Nevertheless, leave it to an Astro make a situation even better (worse).

On the very same day that this report was published by The Athletic, Houston outfielder, and former Dodger Josh Reddick decided to post a picture of his World Series ring from 2017 in response to a Twitter argument.

For those that will argue that the title of this post is “click bait,” I argue that posting an image of an ill-gotten championship ring on a day that your organization has once again said it “feels bad” and sincerely apologized for its actions is, in fact, quite tone-deaf. Moreover, it wasn’t even a good comeback for the Twitter argument.

Reddick continues to make himself look bad every step of the way in all of this sign-stealing controversy. What makes it even funnier is that he was bad at the plate with and without the trashcan banging.

You do you, Josh.

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Written by Clint Pasillas

Clint is the lead editor of Dodgers Nation, and a host and analyst on Dodgers Nation's own Blue Heaven podcast live stream.

He's been writing, blogging, and podcasting Dodgers since about 2008. He was there for Nomar, Greg Maddux, and Blake DeWitt, and he'll be there for Walker Buehler, Alex Verdugo, Dustin May, and any Dodgers of the future.

He's also a sandwich enthusiast, a consummate athlete, and a friend.


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  1. He’s where he belongs. He fits right in with that classless team. He could never get over the fact that he folded under pressure in LA

    • Yeah he was a loser with the Dodgers because the fans held him accountable for his lack of offense and he limped off to Houston to start over. Guess he is only an American League player. Well, stupid is as stupid does and that ring picture says who he really is. A MO-ron who lacks any character…

  2. Consider the source: A pathetic fan of a cheating organization with their only regret being that they were caught. Continue to root for the Houston Cheetos — you deserve each other.

  3. I have been a Dodger fan since their arrival in Los Angeles. When the season ends, no matter the outcome I tend to look at the Lakers, Rams, and Dallas Stars. This year, however, every time I have to take out the trash (Thursday and Sunday) , I am reminded of the Astros. It must be the trash cans. I only used to think of how I hate taking out the trash !

  4. All teams cheat is some way. Some more than others. If you think there is a totally innocent team out there you naive.

    • Thank you one trick pony we hadn’t heard. I’m starting to doubt you’re even a dodger fan you seem to only comment when there’s an opportunity to post your same old comment. I’ve never seen you comment about the Dodgers in any other way

      • I’ve been a fan since the Cey, Russell, Lopes and Garvey infield. Fan of Dodger Dogs and Dodger Stadium. Just see things without Dodger blue glasses. Know someone who played. All teams try to get an edge. MLB finally cracked down in 2019, making it much harder to cheat. They knew they had a widespread problem.

        • Let me try to explain why the trashtros scandal is different. Yes your statement about every team trying to get an edge is true. But each team has an opportunity to try and get an edge. Be it relaying signs from second or figuring out how a pitcher is tipping pitches. They each have an equal chance.

          What the trashtros did was very much one sided they alone were able to use the cameras in centerfield and relay signals to their players. The opposing teams were not privy to the same technology. Therefore this gave them a distinct advantage that they exploited to the fullest.

  5. Astros are a trashy organisation along with their players,the ones that played the 17 world series,but The commissioner turned out to be worst,still don’t understand why Baselball owners haven’t kicked him out of office.

  6. The picture is okay except a line at the bottom under “CHAMPIONS” has been left off. That line would make the ring read “WORLD CHAMPION CHEATERS.” NUFF SAID. HE CAN”T WALK IT BACK< RIDDICK IS A CHEATER PLAIN AND SIMPLE AND THE RING MEANS NOTHING WHEN EARNED THAT WAY.

    When they resume play, MLB should make them all wear hat that say "HOUSTON CHEATERS." That would make the punishment complete… Of course Manfred has no nads so the MLB records will forever say 2017 World Champions; HOUSTON ASTROS.

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