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    Dodgers and Astros: On Sadness, Anger, and Karma

    Since the news broke this past Monday, revealing the extent of the Astros treachery in 2017 and specifically in the playoffs, I’ve gone from sad over never knowing what might have been for our Dodgers, to angry as the sheer depth of the Astros scheming has come to light, exposing just how many players and […] More

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    Dodgers: The Astros Stole More Than Just Signs

    I’ve become known in my area of the world as a Dodgers fan, and I’m more than proud of that. I’ll talk baseball and the Dodgers with anyone who will listen, or who has no immediate means of escape, like liquor store cashiers or co-workers stuck in cubicles. So it stands to reason that after […] More

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    Down on the Dodgers? Not All of Us

    Dear Dodgers, Happy New Year! It’s Gail again. After I wrote you a rather long-winded love letter this past August, this time I’ll cut right to the chase: We’re not all “down” on you this off-season. Recently, ESPN examined many fans’ position this off-season, and when my Dodgers Nation colleague Clint Evans asked for fan […] More

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    Dodgers Nation Pays Tribute to Rich Hill

    On New Year’s Eve it was announced that Rich Hill had signed with the Minnesota Twins, and though not surprising, was still a blow to Dodger fans who had been treated to his presence since his acquisition from the Oakland A’s in July 2016. Rich, who would become affectionately known as Dick Mountain, came to […] More

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    Dodgers Nation Round Table – 2019 Year in Review

    2019 was a full, adventurous year at Dodgers Nation. The News and Editorial teams welcomed new team members, while our social media presence grew in leaps and bounds thanks to the success of the Blue Heaven podcast as well as coverage of events at Dodger Stadium that brought fans closer to the action than ever. […] More

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    Dodgers: 5 Tips on Surviving the Off-Season

    Tedious. Endless. Boring. Baseball’s off-season — while a well-deserved break our players need to recharge and get ready for another long 7-month run that will take them deep into October — is a seemingly endless stretch of days and weeks where we cling to any tidbit of info about our team that we can find […] More

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    Dodgers Players Share Holiday Greetings on Social Media

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly, reflect on the year that was and enjoy the time with loved ones. Thankfully, for many of us who spend more time during the year following our beloved team than we do with our blood relatives, we have social media to connect us with the team during the off-season. […] More

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    Dodgers Fans’ Social Media Reactions to Hyun-Jin Ryu Leaving LA

    When the news broke on Sunday night that beloved Dodger Hyun-Jin Ryu had signed a four-year deal with the Toronto Blue Jays, reactions on Twitter varied from funny to sad to nostalgic: Dear Santa, there’s been a terrible misunderstanding. When I asked for Ryu as a Christmas gift, I meant that I wanted him delivered […] More

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    Season’s Greetings: Annual Holiday Newsletter from the Dodgers

    Dearest family, friends and colleagues, We hope this holiday season finds you happy, healthy and recovered from the physical shock of our NLDS exit. Before said exit, we sure did have one fun and full year, and hope you did too. Here is just a small snippet of what we have been up to over […] More

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    WATCH: Dodgers Hometown Series: Walker Buehler

    The Dodgers media team is exceptional in what they do, having already brought us such gems as Backstage Dodgers, Dodgers in the Community, and The Dish, helping us get to know our players and team personnel better, as the individuals off the field that they are, and this series should be no different. In the […] More

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    Dodgers: Fans React on Social Media to Anthony Rendon’s Comments

    On Saturday afternoon, while the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim held a news conference to officially announce the signing of Anthony Rendon to their club, the former Washington Nationals third baseman quickly provided Dodgers fans with material that will make him the butt of our jokes on social media for the foreseeable future. New #Angels […] More

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