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    Major League Facts About the Astros vs. Dodgers 2017 World Series

    There are some interesting historical facts about the 2017 World Series pitting the Houston Astros against the Los Angeles. Here, we highlight some of those facts for you. “National League” vs. National League World Series The Houston Astros played in the National League West (1969-1993) and Central (1994-2012) Divisions for years against the Los Angeles […] More

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    What Dodgers’ Rich Hill Needs To Do In Game 2 of the NLCS

    What does Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Rich Hill need to do today to win game two of the 2017 National League Championship Series against the Chicago Cubs at Dodger Stadium on Sunday, October 15, 2017? Simple, he needs to pitch like its October 18, 2016! On October 18, 2016, lefty Rich Hill threw six scoreless […] More

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    NLDS Game 3: 5 Keys To The Dodgers’ Success In Arizona

    The Dodgers head to Arizona for a Monday night game against the Diamondbacks.  What will it take the City of Angels to be successful in the Valley in the Sun?  Here are the five keys to the Dodgers success Monday in their efforts to end the series in Arizona 3-0. The Pitching Contradiction The National […] More

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    The Success Of The Dodgers’ Pitching In 2017

    How many teams have made the playoffs and won a World Series in the post season after a season where no starting pitcher started thirty games? Before we answer that question, collectively we need to understand that the game of baseball has changed strategically speaking. Managers and front offices in today’s game utilize the bullpen […] More

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    Finding Peace In Life, Sports, And The Los Angeles Dodgers

    Wonder why the 2017 Los Angeles Dodgers have gone through spells of wins and losses. Without going into the story of life, we have to understand human nature. People, including ballplayers, do not work inside a vacuum. What does this mean? Life is great because it is unpredictable. If we could predict wins and losses […] More

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    The Dodgers’ Success Has Been Tied To Cody Bellinger

    Remember when we compared the Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman National League Rookie of the Year candidate Cody Bellinger to Albert Pujols, Mike Piazza, and Aaron Judge. Well, Bellinger is still a lock for the Rookie of the Year Award along with Judge over in the American League. Not much has changed, except a lot […] More

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    The Dodgers Slump And The Reasoning Behind It

    The purpose of this article is to dissect the 2017 Los Angeles Dodgers current losing streak. It is not to place blame. The Dodgers are a great team and all great teams go through slumps. Starting Pitching Giving Up Runs Early in Games, the Bullpen Giving Up Runs Late, While the Dodgers Offense Has Struggled […] More

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    Why You Shouldn’t Panic Over This Dodgers Slump

    When the Los Angeles Dodgers embarked on the 2017 season, many envisioned a fifth consecutive National League West Division Championship, while others had World Series aspirations. However, not many believed that the Dodgers would be at 92 victories in the beginning of September. Casual and rabid fans alike, the Dodgers were a winning team, but […] More

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    The Importance of the 1, 2 Punch

    Yu Darvish returned to the pitching mound at Dodger Stadium on Sunday afternoon, August 27, 2017. He is the vaunted number two starting pitcher in the Los Angeles Dodgers rotation behind the soon to return Clayton Kershaw. If you had wondered why the Dodgers had not lost back-to-back games since Thursday, July 20, and Friday, […] More

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    The Dodgers Are Pursuing Perfection in 2017

    Baseball is a terrific game because it is a lot like life, you can never be perfect, but when you are it is sweet, and when you are not there is room for forgiveness. As Ted Williams said, “Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of ten […] More

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    Comparing Cody Bellinger to Some Greats

    Los Angeles Dodgers rookie first baseman Cody Bellinger hit his 34th home run on Saturday, August 12, 2017, at Dodger Stadium against the San Diego Padres. Where does this place Bellinger when comparing him to some current and recently enshrined Major League Baseball stars. Well, according to four comparative players through their rookie seasons, Cody […] More

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    The Maturation of the Los Angeles Dodgers

    Winning makes things easier. Preparation makes winning easier. Promises fulfilled creates trust. Trust creates a winning environment. The success of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2017 is no excuse or lucky situation. In a season where the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies are built to compete and have the third and fourth best records in […] More

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