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    For Gerrit Cole, Dodgers Ownership Needs to Do Whatever it Takes

    After last off-season, when the most prized free agents didn’t sign until well after the Winter Meetings, this year is shaping up to be different. Top free agency prize Gerrit Cole is being courted aggressively, with offers slated to begin this week.  At the moment, the Yankees are looking like the slam dunk favorite to […] More

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    Dodgers: Evaluating Every Friedman Era Off-Season Acquisition

    This Sunday, the MLB off-season will officially kick into a frenzy (at least hopefully) with the Winter Meetings in San Diego. After the anticlimax of last year’s meetings in Las Vegas (in which hometown hero Bryce Harper was the coveted FA target), this year will hopefully help set a better tone, perhaps ideally with SD […] More

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    Dodgers: Kenta Maeda is a Reliever Until Proven Otherwise

    So far, the off-season for the Dodgers is shaping up to be a tumultuous one, for better and worse. The continued unraveling of the Astros scandal is opening up 2017 wounds for many, yet also providing a weird chance at closure at the same time. This on top of rumors linking Los Angeles to Mookie […] More

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    Should the Dodgers Consider Free Agent Cole Hamels for 2020 Rotation?

    It is an indisputable fact that the Dodgers need to sign one of Gerrit Cole or Stephen Strasburg this off-season. It’s been seven years since the last big FA pitching splash when Zack Greinke was given a then-record deal for right-handed pitchers.  However, even if one of those aces is rightfully acquired by Los Angeles, there’s […] More

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    Dodgers: With Astros 2017 Sign Stealing Scandal, A Chance for Closure

    No Dodger fan of any background, age or expectation can escape the shadow of the 2017 World Series. Its manifold shocking twists and turns, the agony of being so close in so many ways…if the Dodgers don’t win it all in this current window, it would likely have the potential to haunt the fandom like […] More

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    Dodgers: Top Off-Season Moves From the Past 10 Years

    It has become a common refrain that the Dodgers’ ownership and front office, despite access to pools of money and the urgency of a growing title drought, doesn’t do nearly enough to put the optimal product out on the field.  I’m not here to disagree with that. The last two off-seasons, geared more around resetting […] More

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    Dodgers: Examining Josh Donaldson as a Backup Plan to Rendon

    With the World Series over, an off-season that started far too early for the Dodgers now truly begins in earnest. World Series MVP Stephen Strasburg has opted out, adding higher stakes to a winter that will hopefully be far better for baseball than last year’s.  I agree with those who insist that adding another dominant […] More

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    Dodgers Free Agency: The Case for Reliever Will Smith

    With an early start to the off-season, the Dodgers’ many needs have made themselves all the clearer, especially relief pitching. Despite actually having a pretty solid bullpen going into the 2019 playoffs, there’s no question it needs additional retooling to be more trustworthy from the get go in 2020.  I already examined the potential upside […] More

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    Dodgers Free Agency: Considering a Flyer on Brandon Morrow

    The 2019 offseason provides a chance for the Los Angeles Dodgers to do more than just make an improvement here or there. Far more urgently, it’s a chance for the front office to retool the entire roster, which Andrew Friedman confirmed is likely to happen at his recent press briefing.  One area that has to […] More

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