Besides Sergio Romo, Who Also Looked Weird in a Dodgers Uniform?

Back on Feb. 15, the Dodgers pitchers and catchers reported for spring training, and I have to admit, I still feel uneasy seeing Sergio Romo in a Dodgers uniform. Yes, Romo did sign a team friendly deal and he could be a great setup man for Kenley Jansen, but it just doesn’t feel right in my stomach right now.


I still think of this. Romo’s celebration signaling a Giants victory, or at its worst, a Giants World Series win.

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All the years of Romo being a thorn in the Dodgers side has come to an end. Romo’s signature celebration will now bring joy to Dodger fans. But Sergio Romo isn’t the first guy who donned a suspect uniform and then flourished in Dodger blue. Also, which players would look weird in a Dodgers uniform today? Let’s take a look.

  1. Juan Uribe (on the Dodgers from 2011-2015)


Yes, Juan Uribe, also known as Uribear and Papi, was a San Francisco Giant before he became a beloved Dodger for four years. In 2009, Uribe signed a minor-league deal with the Giants and batted .289, his highest batting average since 2001. In 2010, Uribe hit a crucial solo home run in Game 6 of the NLCS to send the Giants to the World Series. He also hit a decisive three-run home run in Game One of the World Series in the Giants easy 4-1 series win. Uribe’s time with the Dodgers was shaky, but he grew into a fan favorite in the process. Who could forget his clutch home run in the NLDS against the Braves that rocked Dodger Stadium?

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  1. Jeff Kent (on the Dodgers from 2004-2009)


Jeff Kent, the all-time home run hitter among second baseman, put up hall of fame numbers in SF. He won the 2000 NL MVP award, beating out his teammate Barry Bonds. Kent always hit behind Bonds, which gave him a lot of RBI opportunities. After two years with the Astros, Kent signed for three years with the Dodgers. In 2005, Kent had the best year for a Dodger second baseman since Jackie Robinson. Kent, although at the tail-end of his career, held down second base admirably before Mark Ellis came to town.


  1. Don Mattingly (on the Dodgers from 2008-2015)


When Dodgers fans hear the name Don Mattingly, most will think of the headaches he provided as manager. But Mattingly also played for the Yankees in the 1980’s, which was the heyday of the Dodgers-Yankees rivalry. Mattingly followed Joe Torre from the Yankees to the Dodgers before taking over the team himself.


  1. Brian Wilson (on the Dodgers from 2013-2014)

Many Dodger fans are comparing Sergio Romo’s signing to Brian Wilson’s, and it makes sense. It’s a natural comparison. Both were successful closers in San Francisco, and in the latter years of their career, they signed with the Dodgers. But I sure hope Sergio Romo’s career with the Dodgers doesn’t end up like Brian Wilson’s. Wilson joined the Dodgers in late 2013 and did well given his low expectations. But in 2014, Wilson had an awful 4.66 ERA. Wilson exercised his players option for the 2015 season, but the Dodgers cut bait and designated him for assignment a month later.

[graphiq id=”jM4nFMTlklT” title=”Brian Wilson Career ERA, WHIP and K/BB” width=”600″ height=”586″ url=”” ]


And who would look really weird in a Dodgers uniform?

  1. Madison Bumgarner


This one’s too easy. The enemy, the Puig hater, the anti-Clayton Kershaw. Whatever you want to call him, Bumgarner is easily the toughest guy to see in Dodger blue given his history with the Giants. Thinking about it makes me sick. Think Kobe Bryant going to the Celtics. Kershaw vs. Bumgarner match ups are the highlight of this intense rivalry, and Bumgarner joining the Dodgers would be very bizarre.


  1. Ian Kennedy


Kennedy might be a weird choice at first, but let’s forget that Kennedy beaned Yasiel Puig in the nose and Zack Greinke in the shoulder on the way to an ejection and a fracas characterized by Vin Scully as “fertilizer.” Please let’s not let this guy be a Dodger. I hope I don’t have to eat my words.


  1. Carlos Quentin


Speaking of guys who were in fights with the Dodgers, Carlos Quentin comes up. Quentin, who was number 7 on the hit by pitch leaderboard in 2013, leaned in (or at least I think he did) and was hit in the shoulder by Zack Greinke. So he charged the mound and broke Greinke’s collarbone. Nice. Quentin was suspended 8 games.


  1. Yadier Molina


Molina is a great catcher, but there is too much bad blood between the Dodgers and the Cardinals to even consider him. After Joe Kelly beaned Hanley Ramirez in the ribs in the NLCS back in 2013, the series wasn’t the same for the Dodgers. Yadier Molina and Adrian Gonzalez got right back into it the following playoff series. Sorry Yadier, you’re too much of a Cardinal for me to want you on the Dodgers.

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