Breaking Down Trading Juan Uribe And Chris Withrow For Spare Parts

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Juan Uribe for Alberto Callaspo is a really bad trade. Uribe is better defensively, he’s better offensively and he’s definitely better for the clubhouse. Thank goodness the Los Angeles Dodgers didn’t trade Uribe for Callaspo, then.

While many are reporting the trade as if that’s the summary, the reality is that the Dodgers traded Uribe for some financial relief and a pair of relievers while taking on Callaspo’s contract to make the money (sorta) work. 

The full trade has the Dodgers sending Uribe and Chris Withrow to Atlanta in exchange for Callaspo, Juan Jaime, Eric Stults (who the Dodgers have already designated for assignment) and Ian Thomas.

In looking at the personal side of the move, it sucks. Uribe was clearly one of the best guys in the clubhouse, a mentor to young players like Yasiel Puig and both a fan and reporter favorite as well.

On the baseball side, however, the deal is a picture of practicality.

Uribe began the season as the team’s starting third baseman, but has quietly slid down to No. 3 on the depth chart behind Alex Guerrero and Justin Turner. While Uribe is easily the best defender of the three, he has become the weakest hitter of the group — in 81 at-bats, he has a slash line of just .247/.287/.309.

So on paper, this trade makes sense — the Dodgers traded a 36-year-old free-agent-to-be making $6.5 million this season (who wasn’t playing) and a reliever recovering from major arm surgery for a some pitching they might be able to get something out of. (Strong emphasis on “might”)

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