Breaking Down Trading Juan Uribe And Chris Withrow For Spare Parts

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That brings us to Callaspo.

Now, I don’t even know if Callaspo is going to stick on the Dodger roster (hopefully not), or if he’s a few weeks away from being cut. But either way, his career is on the verge of ending. In his last 164 games, his slugging percentage is less than .300. His slugging percentage.

The “prize” apparently, is in the relievers — Jaime and Thomas.

Thomas is a lefty who had 20 strikeouts in 15.2 innings between Double-A Triple-A without allowing a run this season. But in 5.1 innings with Atlanta this year, he has allowed two earned runs and struck out five while also walking five. Before the game on Wednesday, Friedman spoke to reporters and mentioned that Thomas’ “floor is a good major-league reliever”. If that is indeed true, then perhaps the deal could become more than what it is.

Jaime, on the other hand, was designated for assignment just over a month ago. After going unclaimed, he was removed from the 40-man roster and outrighted to Triple-A. But hey, he throws 97 MPH! (Note: Jaime has been sent to extended Spring Training)

Arguably the biggest name moving in the trade is Chris Withrow — the hard-throwing righty who is recovering from Tommy John surgery. If Withrow returns to the form he has flashed over the last two seasons, it’s easy to believe he might be the best player involved in this transaction. After Tommy John, however, that’s a big “if”.

So that’s what we’ve got. A third-string third baseman and a reliever recovering from Tommy John for a mediocre starting pitcher (that may or may not ever pitch for the organization), a terrible infielder and a couple of sub-par relievers.

Pretty exciting, huh?


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