BREAKING: MLB Owners Have Agreed to a Proposal for the 2020 Season

Team owners took a vote and have come up with an agreement to submit to the player’s union.

After months of not knowing when or even if MLB would be returning in 2020, we get our first signs of true light. Owners from around the league got together to draft up a proposal for the season, and they have approved an initial proposal.

The approval of that proposal is just the first step in getting a return to baseball, but it’s a big one. The details of the plan are not well known as of this post, but an 81 game season is thought to be part of the deal, per Jon Heyman. 

The next part of getting MLB rolling would be for the league to present the proposal to the player’s union. It would require the approval of the union in order to set the true start date and conditions for playing. 

The league and player’s union are scheduled to meet tomorrow to discuss the proposal. The other major part of the deal involves the revenue sharing program from owners, which the Union has been said to have called it a ‘non-starter’. The two sides coming together on financial details and safe playing conditions remain the biggest hurdles.

More from MLB coming soon.

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  1. Why is the players union part of this decision? As far as I know all players are being paid full salaries right now for doing nothing. Are they going to argue that they like their current situation of full salaries for nothing better than playing baseball? Here’s a suggestion to owners, just tell the players to show up and play ball, or kiss your salaries for nothing goodbye. See you in court. Courts usually stand by the idea of payment for services rendered. But you have to render something to get paid.

    • All so the babies at home can stop crying and have something to watch on tv. That’s the only concern of the fan and nothing else. The only concern of mlb is money by their own admission which is their motivation for proposing anything this year. The players on the other hand, no one seems to value their take on this. The actual human beings who are going to be doing this. It’s easy for the babies at home who are going to be safe at home on their couch, it’s easy for mlb teams who need the money

      • A very predictable response from Dodger106W. Not surprising given the “shut up and play” mindset that still rattles around certain cages. Pick my food, heal my wounds, play my games. But don’t you dare complain. Sad.