Dodgers fans: consider this an early Christmas gift. Earlier today – MLB’s Instagram page posted a graphic calling the Los Angeles Dodgers the favorite for Bryce Harper. Then, the magic happened.

Look closely at the tweet below. None other than Harper himself ‘liked’ the post.

Now, it could be that Harper would have mashed the heart button on the post asking if the Minnesota Twins are the favorites to sign him. However, that’s not likely.

Harper is young enough and hip enough to social media to realize this would cause a riffle. Equally important, if we are writing about it; it already has. Harperwatch has taken on a life of it’s own. A life where we peruse social media channels and search for old tweets where he said he liked Los Angeles.

Yes, this has actually happened.

This seems to be getting more and more likely. Still, things have seemed sure and gone sideways before. It’s still a wait and see – but at Christmas – miracles of all shapes and sizes take place.

Get it done, Friedman and company!

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