Bryce Harper Rumors to the Dodgers: What Bloggers & Media Are Saying

From now until the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas, Nevada in December; Bryce Harper is a story that trumps much else in the baseball world. Within this post we piece together the Harper news and rumors; as well as what other blogs and media are saying about the 26-year old star player.

Let us serve as your one-stop Harper shop.

Do Dodgers Fans Want Bryce Harper in Los Angeles?

We ran a poll on the Dodgers Nation official account to gauge your interest in adding Harper as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2019. The results were interesting – with almost 5,500 votes tallied – 53 percent of voters said they would not want Harper as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Furthermore, we did ask if it was ‘at all costs’.

It should be assumed that Harper will come at all costs – meaning he will go ultimately to the highest-bidder.

What MLB Teams are Favored to Land Bryce Harper?

It’s interesting to see where various sports books have Harper forecasted. Still, the latest odds available list Philadelphia, Chicago (NL), Washington, and San Francisco as suitors ahead of the Dodgers. This can be a key tool to use as we piece together the most recent news items and cross reference them with where Harper is most likely to end up in the eyes of handicappers.

What Are Other Blogs & Media Saying About Harper?

Bryce Harper apparently turned down an aggressive ‘mega-offer’ from the Washington Nationals recently. Nevertheless, this is interesting. It should move the Nationals from that second slot down the odds list – one would think.

It would be very interesting what the terms of that offer were in terms of years and dollars, you say? Our friend Bob Nightengale has us covered on that as well.

Now, here is a gathering of the most recent news items on the Harper-front.

As we draw nearer to the time that Bryce Harper will be signing with a new team, we will do a post updating aggregating the news often. Harper has been on the radar since he was on a Sports Illustrated cover at age 16. Moreover, this combined with his resumè makes him one of the most marquee free agents ever in the sport.

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  1. Harper would be a great addition, but the Dodgers need to do some number crunching. First off they need to get Kemp ‘s money off the books, followed by Dozier and Grandal as well as Barnes and Alexander and perhaps Pederson to also get Dee Gordon and either a starter or reliever. That will put them over the top.

    • Harper is another LHB and we already have a glut of them. Replacing Machado with another big RHB I believe is more of a priority , given the Dodgers often times struggle against the good LHP in the league. look what took place in this year’s Ws when Dodgers couldn’t even make contact against the LHP of Boston.

  2. Love Harper as a person. But as a player. NO.Look at the Angels and the Pujols contracts. He was a much better hitter. They have been awful because the cant pay.
    Bring in DJ LaMeieu. At the end of the day our bats slumped in the playoffs. 9 guys didnt deliver. We made aging Price look like superman.
    Our pitching let us down. Back end bull pen was awful. No offense and no defense equals a 2nd WS loss. Trade Joc and bring in Toles. We need consistent leadoff and base runners. Not swing for the fence o-fers.

  3. This is crazy! Do you buy an overpriced car when you already have enough cars just because its for sale?! The Dodgers have no need at all for another outfielder, especially one with poor defense. And one really good year skews his offensive numbers which are good but not great. And you would want to pay him a ton of money for years to come?! Stupid!
    We need a catcher, second baseman and bullpen help. Think of how the WS would have gone if our bullpen held the leads they were given. Think of how it would have gone differently with 2 more bats in the lineup at 2nd and catcher. Spend the money wisely.

  4. As a Nats fan (also Dodgers) I’ve seen Harper play virtually every game since he came to the majors. The Dodgers would be wise to spend their resources elsewhere. The pitchers have discovered holes in Harper’s swing (.249 B.A.) and, like Machado, has hustling issues. When he first came up the energy and hustle were unmatched by any player. Lately, on occasion, he remains at the plate to admire would-be HRs only to discover that the ball hit the wall, and instead of an easy double or triple he stands at first chagrined.