Bryce Harper vs Corey Seager: Rookie Season Comparisons

There are new players that enter the game that shine above the rest. Well, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ rookie, Corey Seager, is that player for the 2016 season. Now that the Dodgers have drawn the Washington Nationals for the National League Divisional Series, SportsNet LA tweeted out a stats comparing rookie seasons between Bryce Harper and Corey Seager.

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Seager leads in all of the following categories, but where is Seager’s acknowledgement for his numbers?

Lets start off with Harper’s success.

Harper’s stardom in baseball in 2012 hit hard as a 19-year-old ballplayer and he was the face of Major League Baseball. He did receive two Rookie of the Month awards in his inaugural season and the 2012 National League Rookie of the Year Award.

His success in the majors continued in the following seasons as he was a part of the 2013, 2015, and 2016 All-Star rosters.

Bryce Harper Age Team Games At-Bats Runs Hits Home Runs RBI BA OBP SLG
2015 22 WSN 153 521 118 172 42 99 0.330 0.460 0.649
2016 23 WSN 147 506 84 123 24 86 0.243 0.373 0.441

Harper has been struggling due to multiple injuries on his thumb and shoulder.

His numbers have fell since the 2015 season, as a result of his injuries that have continued into the 2016 season. The face of the Nationals’ has been receiving treatment for his right shoulder injury but it has not improved his swing.

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Harper, 23, competed with Los Angeles Angels’ star, Mike Trout, while Corey Seager has no one to compete with.

Is that one of the reasons why there is no attention shining towards Seager?

Seager’s first full season of baseball has been a spectacular one because of his poise, determination, and his numbers. The awards that are going in his favor is definitely NL Rookie of the Year and possibly the MVP award. He is the talk of the town and is averaging along MLB’s best players.

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If it wasn’t for Colorado Rockies’ Trevor Story tumbling season with a thumb injury to end his rookie campaign, Seager’s name would not be close to Story’s.

The timeline of Corey Seager’s path to the NL Rookie of the Year:  

  • The fall of Trevor Story
  • Seager’s stamp to the 2016 All-Star Game
  • Seager’s power and determine to be the best in the league

How will these two players impact their teams in the National League Division Series? 

Here’s another look at Seager’s and Harper’s numbers in their rookie seasons.

Age Team Games At-Bats Runs Hits Home Runs RBI BA OBP SLG
Corey Seager 22 LAD 157 627 105 193 26 72 0.308 0.365 0.512
Age Team Games At-Bats Runs Hits Home Runs RBI BA OBP SLG
Bryce Harper 19 WSN 139 533 98 144 22 59 0.27 0.34 0.477

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