Can the Dodgers Death Row Lineup Rival New York’s Murderer’s Row?

One is one of the all time great teams in baseball history. The other is the 1927 Yankees.

Mookie, Mad Max, Belli, and Rojo Chingon. The new top four that make up the modern murderer’s row for the Dodgers.

LA’s Death Row.

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The Dodgers became the presumptive National League pennant winners and World Series champs after adding 2018 American League Most Valuable Player Mookie Betts to its already stacked lineup in the offseason. A lineup that led the league in wins with 106 in 2019.

Immediately the baseball world was buzzing over the powerhouse Dodgers, but how good could they really stack up (as least on paper)?

Making a comparison between the 2020 Dodgers and 1920s New York Yankees is undoubtedly a bold move. Focusing particularly on the infamous 1927 world champion Yanks led by Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, the argument could basically be shut down there — there is no comp. However, expanding a little further and the numbers become a little more fun.

The ’27 Yanks hit 158 home runs in a 110 win season. A reminder that seasons were shorter back then. Ruth and Gehrig led the way with 107 dingers between them while Hall of Famers Tony Lazzeri and Earle Combs chipped in 24 between them. Those four more or less made up the top of the order for New York’s murderer’s row.

Dig into the batters that make up the top four in the Dodgers lineup, and you see some sluggers that can drop some absolute bombs. Between NL MVP Cody Bellinger, All-Stars Max Muncy and Justin Turner, and then-Red Sock Mookie Betts, LA’s Death Row connected on 138 bombs in 2019.

A Look at the Power Numbers

Yankees Dodgers
60 Cody Bellinger 47
Lou Gehrig 47 Max Muncy 35
Tony Lazzeri 18 Mookie Betts 29
Earle Combs 6 Justin Turner 27

What’s the point of all this? Well, it shows that the 2020 Dodgers are a dangerously good lineup. Moreover, it argues that they match up with or even exceed (on paper) one of the greatest lineups of all time. Note that the exceed part comes into play when you factor in power bats like Joc Pederson or Corey Seager who hit 55 home runs between them as where only three Yankees totaled double-digit dingers.

A very different era. And a different way to look at how good this Dodger lineup is. It’s a shame that it’s only a 60 game season.

All in all, a fun little look at some history with numbers

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  1. A good lineup is a consistent lineup. Our boys tanked against the Giants at home. Offense offensive. We couldn’t hit Dinelson Lamet through five innings. I like our guys, but we have a long way to go for being a juggernaut. I think the reason we will win this year is because we can outlast other teams with our depth, but such depth is nullified in a short playoff series.