No, you’re not getting Steiner’d. Via Larry King, Charley Steiner will be calling Dodger games on radio and occasionally via your TV for the next 3 years.

Years Of Experience

I’ve not been particularly kind to Uncle Charley on twitter this year, and neither have many others. Before I delve into the reasons this 3 year extension could be a disaster, let’s be honest for posterity.


Charley Steiner’s career is fantastic. Charley began his illustrious career in broadcasting in 1969. I’m not going to list his career accomplishments here. They are impressive and long, and readily available. He’s been a consummate professional and was tremendously impressive on Sportscenter in its early days. That said…


Uncle Charley Has Slipped

We all occasionally have had life circumstances where instead of the experienced and charming ‘dad voice’ of Hershiser and the youthful and forward thinking Joe Davis, we’ve gotten the radio/audio broadcast of the game. Charley Steiner and Rick Monday/Kevin Kennedy. This means one can’t see the game. In this experience, we rely on the accuracy and wisdom of Charley and Rick/Kevin. The problem with that idea is….Charley has obviously slipped at his nice age of 69. He frequently gets the names of players wrong (on our own Dodger team) but usually corrects himself. This happens by the time we are very confused on our commute home. Occasionally though, he confuses Joc Pederson with Max Muncy. Those two look as much alike as I do with Shaquille O’Neal.

If one doesn’t listen to Charley much, this story probably seems funny. It seems like a charming old uncle. This is but one example however, and Charley frequently confuses players, the number of outs, and most egregiously; he tends to confuse the trajectory of any fly ball.

This is a rather well known trope on Dodger Twitter. Often there’s a shallow fly ball to the outfield, but the timbre in Charley’s voice would lead one to believe the ball is going to the parking lot. Continuing with the contrasts, Charley’s home run calls would often lead you to believe a ball is going to be fielded by the 2nd basemen in shallow right.

He’s Still Charming Uncle Charley

All of those criticisms not withstanding, Charley Steiner still has his way with words. He still finds ways to share fun anecdotes, the occasional fantastic turn of phrase, and still sounds very comfortable in the booth with Rick Monday or Kevin Kennedy. Hopefully he doesn’t continue to sound so comfortable that we’re lead to believe he’s asleep in a recliner in his living room. Hopefully he still sounds like the Charley Steiner who’s resume makes anyone’s pale in comparison.

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