Clayton Kershaw Speaks On Recent Dodgers Slump

Thursday seemed like the perfect day for the struggling Dodgers to turn things around with their ace, Clayton Kershaw, taking the mound. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned.

Kershaw started the game off terribly, allowing a 3-run home run off the bat of Nolan Arenado before recording a single out.

He would give up another run thanks to a Jonathan Lucroy sacrifice fly before being pulled in the 4th inning. He threw 86 pitches in 3.2 innings and accumulated 7 strikeouts and 3 walks. Obviously, this is not the type of performance we have come to expect from Kershaw. He made sure to let his frustration out once he arrived to the dugout.

After the game, Clayton Kershaw was very honest with reporters about how the team has been feeling over these last couple of weeks.

When asked what he thinks the team needs to do, Kershaw responded with this:

Just win a game. That’s usually how it starts.

Bad nights are going to happen, pitching wise. I picked a really bad time to have a bad night.

Kershaw was also asked about his back and if it felt okay after the rocky start, but he said that he physically felt fine.

Overall it was a tough loss for Los Angeles, with the offense producing just 1 run thanks to an RBI double by Yasiel Puig. Like Clayton Kershaw said, they just need to win a game to begin to turn things around. Let’s hope that comes sooner rather than later!

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Written by Alex Perez

Whittier College Alumnus.
Editor In Chief of Dodgers Nation.
Lifelong Dodgers fan.


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  1. The team and the fans seem to overlook the year 1951. The lead was great, the players the best in the league at their positions, and the Giants beat them in a best of three playoff.
    The lineup needs to be firm now, no changes:
    Until someone stops producing at bat or in the field

  2. They just don’t look like they are having fun! That was the look they had, maybe they need to quit trying so hard! I’ve been a diehard Dodger fan all my life. Don’t let the DBacks get this! I live in Yuma, Arizona where lots of Dodger fans still have faith! Go Dodgers! catch the ball, hit the ball!

  3. Dodgers are chokers. They will probably loose in the first round, and Kershaw will stink like he always does in the post season.

  4. The Dodgers have got to get their “MOJO” back. Winning does that.
    For those players struggling at the plate, extra batting practice is paramount. Get hungry again.
    Complacency & mediocrity has no place on this great team.
    Rise-up & prove you’ve got what it takes to be the champs.
    L.A. is counting on you “Boys in Blue”

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