Dodgers: Bellinger Benched for ‘Lack of Hustle’

The on-going drama of the 2018 Dodgers season added another act to its number on Sunday afternoon. After losing three of four to the Giants, fans are beginning to grow more and more frustrated by the minute. That turmoil appears to be in the dugout as well.

In the top of the fifth inning, Cody Bellinger reached safely with a double.

All seemed well. That is, until Bellinger wasn’t on the field in the bottom half of the inning. This immediately raised concerns for Dodgers fans. It didn’t appear as if he had an injury of any sorts, which led to questions all over Twitter.

Just like you, we were eager to hear what Dave Roberts would have to say on the situation in his post game presser. Dodgers fans were able to collect their breaths and have a sigh of relief, as they learned Bellinger was fine and didn’t injure himself. However, the reasoning behind the move was anything but a breath of fresh air.


It’s blatantly clear that these are frustrating times for the Dodgers. Benching a player of Cody’s caliber is due to draw some backlash, especially when he ended up on base with a base hit. Dave Roberts is frustrated with what he’s seen from his team so far early in the year, and he has every right to be. The Dodgers are 12-15, and are going to finish the month under .500. We can only use the ‘It’s still early’ excuse for so much longer. Hopefully this was an eye-opening move for Cody, and more importantly, for the team.

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Update – Post Game Interviews

Dave Roberts with Alanna Rizzo

Cody Responds


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  1. Actually Bellinger came out and played defense at 1st, and then was removed when the Dodgers went to offense. Apparently Roberts has had similar conversations with Cody before about “dogging it”. Maybe that’s why during spring training Kemp was referring to Bellinger as “Phenom”. Kinda like a derogatory nickname. Hopefully his ego is in check because clubhouse resentment can sink a team… Fast!

  2. Roberts was spot on. Bellinger was 70% speed to first and maybe 80% to second. Then he got doubled off second. He was into second standing. He would have made third with a slide; but throw may not have even got there. And Crawford would have not been able to double him off third. So we lost an out, and maybe a run.