Cody Bellinger Bombs: Chronicling Home Run 47

Dodgers Nation will be writing about ‘Bellinger Bombs’. The Dodgers have one of the best young power hitters in the game under contract for the foreseeable future. Writers like Sam Miller have asked the question ‘What if Cody Bellinger is going to break the all-time home run record’. As the career home runs continue to pile up, we will examine each one in greater detail. We will allow you; the fan, to savor each one as they should be. Because what’s more fun than a home run? (You can look back at the collection here). 

Cody Bellinger needed this one badly. In the midst of a 2 for 34 slide, there were tweets and whispers of a stint in Oklahoma City calling his name. And then suddenly, in the last possible moment of redemption; Bellinger left the yard. Suddenly, three things became apparent all at once as Charlie Steiner declared Bellinger’s long slump over as he rounded the bases.

The Dodgers were going to win the game, the Dodgers were going to take the series, and Bellinger had his eighth home run of the year in the books. This blast will go down as more of a footnote on a picture-perfect day at Chavez Ravine; the big moments of Sunday’s contest belonged to Walker Buehler and Max Muncy. Nevertheless – in regards to Bellinger’s 47th career home run – I’m not sure it could be said that he ever needed one worse.

Before the Dodgers’ heroic comeback on Memorial Day, they won a nice game 6-1 in which Bellinger’s home run served as the perfect exclamation point.

The Home Run

Checking out Bellinger’s home run log on baseball-reference is always fun because he does the deed so often. This was his 24th home run at Dodger Stadium, and 15th off a southpaw. He’s went yard seven times against the Padres – the most against any opponent. Bellinger loves homering in the 8th inning, this was the 12th time he’s done so in his career; the most in any inning.

His 47th career home run moves him into 63rd place all-time on the Dodgers career list. Next up are the likes of Kal Daniels, Tim Wallach, and Casey Blake. This was his sixth career blast to center field.

How Bellinger’s Home Run Impacted The Game

The hard work was done on this day by Walker Buehler, chipping away at the Padres little by little to ensure a Dodgers win. The game’s biggest play in terms of win expectancy occurred when Max Muncy homered earlier in the same inning.

The Dodgers were 97 percent expected to win the game when Bellinger climbed into the box, ahead 4-1. After Bellinger hit his own home run, they moved to 99 percent. The home run all but guaranteed that Los Angeles would be on the smiling side of the scoreboard on this Sunday afternoon at Chavez Ravine.

The Victim

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to bow our heads for Padres’ reliever Tyler Webb. Webb began his Major League career in 2017 with stints as a Met and Brewer. He’s now thrown 13 innings at the highest level, allowing four home runs. Webb is a lefty specialist, and this outing will not bode well for his future – allowing home runs to lefty hitters Bellinger and Max Muncy.

Exit Velocity, Distance, Pitch Data, and Angle

Tyler Webb decided to throw Bellinger a garden-variety fastball that came over the plate at around 88 miles per hour. Even as bad as he’s scuffling right now, Bellinger was able to turn his hips and get his hands through the baseball. The resulting blast was an exit-velocity of 103 miles per hour off the bat. As you could probably tell by watching the replay – this ball didn’t get high. It’s angle only reached 25 degrees at it’s highest point, so it was a line drive that got out in a hurry at 406 feet. Bellinger needed every inch to escape the glove of the center fielder at the wall.

Overall Bellinger-Bomb Prominence Score

Furthermore, Bellinger will hit bigger home runs in his career. Let the record state that his 47th career home run didn’t come off a relief-ace, and wasn’t something that single-handedly won the Dodgers a ballgame. It wasn’t a tape measure blast deep into the stands at the stadium that you will see replayed for months to come on highlight reels.

But Cody Bellinger needed something to get him going just a little bit. Something to quiet the whispers that are getting louder about a season-long struggle. Hopefully, he keeps us busy writing these posts a lot more frequently in the near future. Again, let this be a lesson. Even when things are going poorly – Cody Bellinger is always a threat to leave the yard with baseball’s most exciting play.

Dodgers’ Nation Prominence HR Score: 6.0

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  1. I think Cody is just pressing right now. Becoming a star and fan favorite so early in his career leave high expectations from fans. Be patient – Cody is only 22, and I’m sure the cream will again rise to the top. I see nothing but up-side from Bellinger.