Cody Bellinger Bombs: Chronicling Home Run 65

Dodgers Nation will be writing about ‘Bellinger Bombs’. The Dodgers have one of the best young power hitters in the game under contract for the foreseeable future. Writers like Sam Miller have asked the question ‘What if Cody Bellinger is going to break the all-time home run record’. As the career home runs continue to pile up, we will examine each one in greater detail. We will allow you; the fan, to savor each one as they should be. Because what’s more fun than a home run? (You can look back at the collection here). 

Without question, Cody Bellinger granted some wishes on Opening Day. While the Dodgers slugged a Major League record eight home runs, Bellinger merely put the icing on the cake at the end of the day. Furthermore, it came against a familiar friend from last season.

And so in the season’s first day – Bellinger is on the board. Moreover, this column rolls onward. For as long as I breathe and write here – when Bellinger dials long distance – I will be here to tell you all about it. Now, let’s examine Bellinger’s 2019 Opening Day blast

The Home Run

This stance looks a little different than the Bellinger in your memory. Equally important – he seems to get lift and dig this low pitch out and get some launch to it. It’s encouraging to see. Balls out over the plate that are down should be something for Bellinger to feast on. While it was hard to call this a no-doubter off the bat, no one at the stadium likely wondered. It came on a picture perfect day in Los Angeles too.

His 65th career home run moves him into 49th place in Dodgers franchise history with Eddie Murray. A look at the Bellinger home run tracker at baseball-reference tells us a few things. First, it was his 31st home run at Chavez Ravine; and first on Opening Day. His 47th home run off right-handed pitching was his 19th to the right-center gap where it landed. Bellinger’s tenth home run on the first pitch of the at-bat represents the sixth time he’s homered in the seventh inning.

How Bellinger’s Home Run Impacted The Game

Definitely, this is the easy part of the column. Still, innings were left to be played when the Dodgers had a 100 percent win expectancy and 10-2 lead in the seventh when Bellinger homered. While Bellinger’s homer served as ‘overkill’ or the cherry on the sundae, a lot of seats had emptied out behind home plate. The game was all but decided, and ended in a 12-5 rout.

The Victim

We have said it before, but Matt Koch; we have been here before. In fact, we have been here twice. Indeed, when these two meet; it’s as combustible as an Aries and Scorpio beginning a relationship. Sparks will fly! And fly they did.

Other than Zach Wheeler (four homers allowed to Bellinger), Koch is now second on Belli’s friend list with three bombs surrendered to the kid. Let’s all hope that our friend Mr. Koch remains in a uniform within the division for many years to come. What he does is bring out the very best in Bellinger, and it was the 24th career home run allowed by Koch. Koch is no longer a starter but an innings-eater for Arizona.

Exit Velocity, Distance, Pitch Data, and Angle

While this account on twitter is still working itself into regular season shape, some data is provided. Furthermore, it was an 85 mile per hour something that caught too much of the plate downward. Bellinger turned his hips and launched a 403 foot shot that reached an apex of 33 degrees at it’s highest point. Therefore, if you were at the park; you probably knew he got all of it. It was hard to tell on television and I was actually watching the center fielder. Still, a 99 mile per hour home run off the bat. Bellinger likely didn’t get all of this ball, but he got enough of it to muscle it out to a good part of the park at Dodger Stadium.

Overall Bellinger-Bomb Prominence Score

Cody Bellinger is going to hit bigger home runs in his career. This one was merely a footnote on a day where the Dodgers set a record. You will likely always talk about the Dodgers’ Opening Day in which they hit eight home runs. It was a perfect day to be a baseball fan of the boys in blue. However, this one doesn’t score out that high due to low leverage situation, and it wasn’t a tape-measure shot. Style points are awarded for Opening Day. And before you hit 40, you have to hit your first. Now, Bellinger has done that.

Dodgers’ Nation Prominence HR Score: 6.75

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