Current Dodgers as Old Dodgers Trending on Social Media

Thanks to the application “FaceApp,” Dodgers Nation is treated to some gold.

Just about yearly a new application for your mobile device will take the world by storm. But sometimes it’s an old app that is finally being used to its full potential. Enter the “FaceApp.”

FaceApp — available on iOS and Android devices — first came out in 2017, but today on Twitter and other social media outlets, its greatest purpose was found.

Turning current Dodgers players into old versions of themselves.

We put together a video with everyone for your enjoyment.

Thanks to partner of Dodgers Nation Vince Samperio over at for doing the heavy lifting on this “old Dodgers” project we never even knew we needed. You look at some of these “old Dodgers” and you can’t help but feel “I know that guy!” Moreover, you look at Max Muncy and you’re like “HE LOOKS JUST LIKE HIS DAD!”

Yahoo Sports even got in on the fun with Clayton Kershaw.

The internet is a fun and weird place some times.

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