Dave Roberts Sheds Some Light on the Dodgers’ Plan

Jorge Castillo of the LA Times published an article with some quotes on the Dodgers’ off-season from manager Dave Roberts.

Roberts implied the trade of Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig will allow Alex Verdugo to get the chance to start in the outfield.

“We have a lot of depth, and to make the trades that we’ve made it allowed for runway for some younger players that need opportunities,” Roberts said Monday morning before serving as grand marshal of the Kingdom Day Parade in Los Angeles. “But I don’t think we’re done.”

He also said their main focus is adding a right-handed bat to help balance the lefty-heavy lineup.

“The left-handed hitters that we have, the defense, with the addition of [Corey] Seager with us, is going to be huge,” Roberts said. “But now to kind of balance out the lineup with a right-handed bat, probably makes it a little better.”

The team has already added Russell Martin, a right-handed bat, but they could benefit from adding an impact player. They could still pursue J.T. Realmuto but with the addition of Martin and the Marlins’ demand for Cody Bellinger, that ship has likely sailed.

Manny Machado and A.J. Pollock are the most notable free agent right-handers and the team has already been connected to both of them. The Dodgers’ versatility would allow either of them to fit into the lineup. Other, but less spectacular, options include Adam Jones, Josh Harrison, and the switch-hitting Marwin Gonzalez.

On the trade market, they have been connected to Nick Castellanos and they are likely discussing other deals that haven’t been leaked.

There are also rumors of a potential Joc Pederson trade. If Pederson is traded, that likely opens a spot for A.J. Pollock. That would give the Dodgers an outfield of Pollock, Bellinger, and Verdugo.


Realistically, Machado should be their top target. He’s a generational talent, he’s only 26 years old, and the Dodgers play in a market that can easily afford him. They could use him as their shortstop and slide Corey Seager to second or they could use him at third, move Justin Turner to first, and use Max Muncy at second.

Even better, the Dodgers could sign Machado and Pollock to really strengthen and balance their lineup, but that doesn’t seem too likely.

No matter who they decide to acquire, expect the Dodgers to add a right-handed bat sometime soon.

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  1. Back the ship up, I think Realmuto is very much in play for Dodgers. Adding Martin opens the door for Dodgers to include Barnes in a trade package for Realmuto, reportedly the Marlins want an established ML catcher as part of the return package. Dodgers are not going to give up Bellinger, but have other talented prospects who can be included with Barnes in a trade.

    • Not a big fan of Machado at this point, but must admit that re-acquiring him makes a lot of sense. If Machado was re-acquired, I wholeheartedly support Seagers move to 1B, save his body and elbow a little bit. Muncy and Taylor can share time at 2B. No way Verdugo gets traded. Some point out that the team is worse off than last year by trading Kemp/Puig. If Verdugo hits for average, gets on base and makes solid contact to all fields, we better. Also, do not support any kind of Realmuto road block where Smith/Ruiz are concerned. Make good and sign Machado for difference maker as advertised.

      • Actually, Seager can be moved to 2nd base where his throws to 1st would be a lot shorter. I also believe Bellinger should go back to 1st and Muncy should be available cause he is a defensive liability playing 2nd and not sure we should have a platoon scenario at an all important middle INF position. CT3 had a good year in 2017 playing mostly CF too.

    • Well, SoCal, we agree again : I heartily endorse the acquisition of Manny M. He can play short, while Seager shifts to second. Or, if Big Red needs a break, he can be slotted into third. We keep Verdugo in the process; or, we can use him as part of a deal for Realmuto (along with Barnes), and try to make a pitch (excuse the pun) for Kluber. We need a right-handed bat with power, and at 26 years of age, Manny just might be the man!!!! Go Blue!!

  2. I also think Realmuto is not going to be a dodger. Dodgers I’m sure will willing to trade one of our catching prospects, plus verdugo, plus another ML player for him, but Miami want’s to play hardball, and our FO isn’t gonna be swindled like that lol.

    Glad to see you also think Machado would be the best RH option to sign. I would love to see him back blue, plus he gives seager extra time to get ready at start of season.

  3. Did I miss the part where Robert’s sheds some light on Dodger plans? Oh he said we need a right handed bat. Well we certainly didn’t know that, did we. We shed puig, Kemp, and Machado and added martin. So now all we need is a tight handed bat? Why would you even write this article?

  4. I can’t say I’m crazy about the idea of unloading the cash truck to get Machado back. Way too expensive, he was a dud in the series and has a questionable attitude. He’s not as good a defensive shortstop as Seager and I don’t think switching Seager to First when he’s coming back from an injury, and putting Muncy at 2nd, where he has little experience is a good idea. Think we should concentrate on getting a right hand bat for the outfield and another quality starter. Realmuto as catcher, with the Marlins demanding Bellinger, is a no go.

  5. Machado, doesn’t fit. Dodgers GRIND, Dodgers Hustle! True he is an awesome talent, but Seager is our SS, Turner is our 3rd baseman. We have plenty to cover 2d. Love to see Bellinger back at first, and hate to say it:( Trade Muncey to an AL team were he’d be a great DH. We could get allot for him and I’d hate to see him go, but he is a defensive liability. Like to get one right-handed centerfielder who didn’t get busted for drugs:)

  6. We already have a first baseman. His name is Cody Bellinger. Why do any of you want to “slide” anyone not named Bellinger into first base?
    Seager….save his body…he hasn’t been in the Majors long enough to have his body saved.
    Machado…didn’t we learn our lesson the first time. Cares only about himself, can’t hit in a LA uniform and would cost way too much. Pity whoever signs him, hopefully it is not the Dodgers.

  7. Here’s the Dodger plan: sell all season tickets, sell Dodger merchandise, $8,000,000,000. Time Warner money in pocket. Even if in last place that plan is unaffected. Sounds like a win-win for Guggenheim. We see things as fans, they see it as a business that makes money no matter how good the product.
    Dodgers, win or lose for me.

  8. Agree with others about the nonsense of saving Seager’s body. He’s young and a SS. Not that taxing on an early 20’s body or 30’s body, for that matter. You can go down a long list of SS who played the position for many years, and start that list with Cal Ripken, Jr. Sure, Seager had TJ surgery, but now days that’s almost like fixing a broken finger. Why move a very good shortstop to what is arguably the easiest position in baseball, other than DH ?. And just because he’s a SS doesn’t mean he can easily transition to 2B. The only similarity between the two positions is that they both are middle infielders. Not saying he couldn’t, but it’s not as simple as moving 90 feet or so to the left.

  9. Only Manny Machado forget about injury prone Pollack or steroid user Sterling marte I’ll take Taylor over those 2 anytime and put Bellinger back at 1st Muncy at second he will be an average or better fielder but will make up with his 40 plus hrs Seager at short no need to baby him He’s not a pitcher making 100 throws,Joc in left hits 38 plus hrs playing everyday easy Taylor in center and Verdugo in right and if he flops can always use Kike to replace him Barnes and Russel should be enough for 1 more year while the youngster gets 1 more year in minors and with Kershaw Urias and Buhler as the best pitching trio will win the world series if choking Roberts doesn”t mess up again.