Dodger Stadium Gondola System Plan Moves Forward

Getting to Dodger Stadium might be a little easier in the future.

Fans know that getting into Dodger Stadium is one of the only tough parts about being a fan in Los Angeles. In a typical season, a 7:10 start time is a little bit difficult to make during the week, unless you can get off of work early. 

Whether you’re driving up to the front gates on Vin Scully Avenue or taking a shuttle from Union Station, it is not always easy getting to Dodger Stadium. Luckily, the city is looking to help ease the pain of that. 

The proposed gondola system that made headlines a few years ago appears to be moving forward. Per recent reports, construction on the project could begin as early as 2025. The dates were shifted around and moved back pending an environmental review. The gondola to Dodger Stadium would come directly from Union Station and transport fans to the top of the park. 

This gondola is about more than an easier trip to Dodger games. It will make our stadium more accessible to everyone, bring cleaner air to our communities and provide an economic boost for our local businesses. With today’s incredibly important step forward, we are even closer to bringing this project home and adding an iconic new attraction to one of the great entertainment and sports capitals of the world. – Mayor Eric Garcetti

The project is being worked on by a company owned by former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt. While that name instills anger in many fans, this might end up being the one good thing he does for the team. At its peak operation, the Gondola system has the capacity to transport 5,500 people per hour to the ballpark. That means close to 10,000 fans could potentially make it into the game on time with the new addition. 

WATCH: Dodger Stadium Aerial Rapid Transit Gondola Project

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  1. That sounds great. But, where do all of these 5,500 per hour fans park at Union Station? I have been to the Union Station and have found that there is not much parking. When we visited Olvera Street, we took the train from home and vice versa. If I have asked this question before, what was the answer I received afterwards?